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"Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?"
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May 13 2016

Armin Shimerman on Inside the Extras Studio. Buffy's former principal guest stars on the latest episode of the web series Inside the Extras Studio as a typecast Star Trek extra.

August 17 2013

Harry Groener and Armin Shimerman join "Diani & Devine Meet The Apocalypse". It's a post-apocalyptic road comedy. And if you've ever wanted to see a pic of The Mayor and Snyder drinking Romulan Ale, well now's your chance.

April 14 2013

Armin Shimerman to be in upcoming The N&N Files webseries. "The N&N Files" is currently raising money on Indiegogo with 1 week left to contribute. "Making The N&N Files series will be the first time an unaired network pilot [Nikki & Nora] will be re-imagined and made for distribution on the web."

November 01 2012

(SPOILER) A clip from Armin Shimerman's appearance on Castle. The Comic-Con themed episode airs this coming Monday.

September 29 2011

Lunch or Dinner for 2 with the 3 Villains of Sunnydale High. "Meet and dine with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Villains Juliet Landau, Armin Shimerman and Harry Groener at a restaurant of their choice. Let them regale you with stories from the set..and answer those questions you've been dying to ask!"

May 11 2011

Adam Baldwin to appear at Polaris convention in Toronto this July. Fellow Whedonverse actors Armin Shimerman and Melinda Clarke will also be in attendance. In related news, Adam Baldwin and Nick Brendon will be at Phoenix Comicon May 26-29.

February 10 2009

Armin Shimerman on Leverage tonight in a "Star Trek" reunion special.

May 01 2007

Armin Shimerman discusses his acting experience on both Star Trek and Buffy. Short video responses to questions. He has some great things to say about Joss Whedon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Alyson Hannigan. And apparently, he had the wrong attitude when he first started out guesting on Buffy but learned very quickly how wrong he was. Quite interesting. More...

December 10 2006

Dead & Deader featuring Armin Shimerman. Airs next Saturday on Sci Fi.

November 11 2006

Snyder: The next Caleb? Armin Shimerman will be playing a preacher of some sort in South Of Nowhere, a teen drama on The N, next Friday More...

December 15 2005

Shimerman Channels His Inner Elf for 'Meet the Santas'. Just in time for Christmas.

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