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"Ripping its brain out is absolutely a good plan. I certainly dont have a better."
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July 22 2011

New artwork for 'The Avengers'. Marvel Studios has released two new Comic-Con exclusive posters for the film featuring Hawkeye and Black Widow, which give a good look at the design of their costumes in the movie.

August 21 2006

Jason Palmer releases limited edition River painting - first in a series of Serenity character portraits. "All prints feature the Universal Logo and are signed and numbered by the artist... Each edition will be limited to a very small number, and each of the cast members will be presented with their own copy." More...

January 17 2006

"11th Hour's" Alternate Serenity DVD Covers Available. For those of you less than pleased with the Serenity DVD artwork, there are now alternate versions available. Created by "11th Hour", she of guerilla posters and RPG Cover Art and Graphic Design fame. More...

November 01 2005

Cover art for the Serenity DVD. Quite possibly the worst Whedonverse DVD artwork ever. More...

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