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November 29 2007

IDW Angel/Spike TPB's 2nd printings released this week. To celebrate the release of After the Fall, IDW is releasing 2nd printings of the TPB's of their Angel line up until now. More...

September 25 2006

Ain't It Cool News interviews Spike: Asylum's Brian Lynch. Everything you ever wanted to know and more about Spike: Asylum. Additionally, you can find out what Lynch is currently reading and what's next for him.

June 12 2006

Spike: Asylum Preview. The first five pages of the first issue of Spike: Asylum are now available for viewing on IDW's official website.

June 03 2006

(SPOILER) Spike comic mini-series promo ad. The initial cover ad for the upcoming Spike Asylum comic series, a five part mini-series to be published in September. Written by Brian Lynch. More...

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