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"Angel's lame! His hair goes straight up, and he's bloody stupid!"
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March 25 2015

Mindy Kaling chooses sides in 14 of pop culture's biggest love triangles. Buffy, Angel, or Spike? Find out which team she's on.

February 27 2015

Angel's finale brought hell to Earth, and it was beautiful. The AV Club takes a brief look at the message and staying power of Not Fade Away.

January 23 2015

16 late-arrival female TV characters we can't live without. Faith, Anya, Fred, oh my!

November 13 2014

J. August Richards plays Tokaido on TableTop. Jason Wishnov, J. August Richards, and Chris Kluwe join Wil Wheaton on the TableTop season 3 premiere.

October 31 2014

Sartrean themes in Joss Whedon's Angel: A Marxist interpretation. Find out why Angel was radical "in its advocacy of revolt against oppressive institutions".

October 27 2014

7 Halloween themed TV episodes that are scary good. This Nerdist list includes two Buffyverse episodes and another special Whedonverse-related mention.

October 17 2014

Celebrating TV music: 15 unforgettable tracks from our favorite shows. Buffy and Angel songs are featured.

October 06 2014

The Hole in the World: Why "Angel" is better than "Buffy". Entertainment Weekly celebrates Angel's 15th anniversary with a retrospective about the beloved spin-off series.

October 05 2014

Angel the Series premiered 15 years ago today. 'City Of' aired on The WB on October 5th, 1999.

September 17 2014

Angel mention in Play it Again Dick. Play it Again Dick is a web series spin-off (sort of) of Veronica Mars. More...

August 23 2014

J. August Richards tweets this fantastic pic with David Boreanaz. The two are currently at Wizard World Chicago (aka Chicago Comicon).

July 19 2014

Undeniable proof that Spike And Angel were meant to be. Just two neck-sucking dudes in leather pretending to like the same girl. More...

June 11 2014

Dark Horse's Angel Big Bundle - 21 comics for $19.99. Not sure if it's a temporary offer or not, but it's a great deal.

May 21 2014

Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof on their favourite Angel episodes This is from a Much Ado About Nothing interview from last year.

May 19 2014

Ten years of not fading away. It's been a decade since Angel left our screens.

May 01 2014

10 Angel episodes that were too big for Sunnydale. More Angel content from the folks at Den of Geek.

April 18 2014

Oedipal themes in Angel: the Series. Pop Classics looks at vampire siring and Connor/Cordelia.

April 17 2014

Angel's ten funniest moments. As compiled by Den of Geek.

April 01 2014

Angel gets listed on WatchMojo's top 10 4th wall breaks in TV. Find out where our favourite vampire with a soul appears on the countdown. More...

March 13 2014

What Angel's first season did right. Den of Geek point out why we shouldn't dismiss the many achievements of Angel's first season.

March 06 2014

10 things Angel did better than any other show. "Melding many different elements from multiple genres, the show was able to effectively balance action, drama, romance and mystery into a singular hour that was equally adept at making you laugh or cry, while still leaving you unmistakably entertained".
The cast of Angel: 10 years on. Den of Geek explores each cast member's career since the show ended nearly 10 years ago.

March 04 2014

Folk and fairy tales, as told by Angel. Den of Geek delves into the show's mythology.

March 01 2014

This WB promo from 2000 will blow your mind. "Every famous person from late-90s television parties together in this amazing, glorious promo."

February 13 2014

Yesterday's Daily Show features a Russian lady quoting "Angel". Jason Jones interviews Russians regarding their views on the anti-gay laws. There's a Photoset on Tumblr if you can't view the clip. Btw the Russian lady in the video is a Whedonesque poster and talks about the experience here. More...

February 12 2014

Lawyers are the devil's ministry: Fearsome pop culture law firms. AV Club looks into some of pop culture's most fearsome firms.

January 31 2014

(SPOILER) Victor Gischler discusses Angel and Faith plans. In an interview with CBR Gischler talks about taking over the series, his plans, and offers a preview.

January 21 2014

The 10 best 'Monster of the Week' episodes of all time. Buffy and Angel episodes both get shout-outs.

November 28 2013

Ranking the TV episodes that have paved the way for Glee's 'Puppet Master'. No prizes for guessing which Angel episode is ranked #1 in this EW article.

October 14 2013

The most ridiculous mystical pregnancies in fiction. Cordelia gets high billing for having had two.

October 12 2013

"Why We Love Lindsey" - an Angel essay. This originally appeared in the "Five Seasons of Angel" anthology.

September 30 2013

The most brutal endings of SF & Fantasy. Angel gets a nod. Spoilers for a bunch of shows. Another list of a similar nature can be found here.

September 01 2013

Angel against Alias. SpoilerTV is having their favorite show contest and you have a very short time to vote. Angel is losing to Alias.

August 09 2013

Angel, Tribute Trailer. A very nice trailer for Angel. Made by the same person who did the Buffy Tribute.

July 10 2013

Behind the Saber with Alexis Denisof. Alexis Denisof runs Day 1 of Course of the Force More...

July 09 2013

Vincent Kartheiser starring in "Pride and Prejudice". Vincent Kartheiser will play Mr. Darcy in the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis MN adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice" through the end of August.

June 18 2013

Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker's best Whedon moments. You may or may not that know that Joss wrote and directed Wesley's final scene in Not Fade Away.

June 12 2013

Alexis Denisof discusses whether Angel should be brought back and chats about Joss and Much Ado in this interview with Buzzfeed.

June 08 2013

EW's 13 most unfortunate TV characters. A certain watcher-turned-rogue-demon-hunter gets a mention.

May 20 2013

Tim Minear returns to Redemptioncast for Angel's "Reunion". The Introcast devoted to watching Buffy and Angel for the first time brings back Angel writer, Tim Minear to discuss season 2, episode 10, "Reunion".

May 01 2013

Sofa Dogs Podcast Commentary for ANGEL: "Darla" with special guest Tim Minear. Due to positive feedback from the listeners and the success of the previous commentary for "Reprise", Tim returns to talk about directing his first episode of Angel, parallel story structure and tying together mythologies from the Buffy episode, "Fool For Love". More...
10 characters who got more interesting after they died. Fred Burkle makes an appearance on this io9 list.

April 16 2013

Amy Acker tweets old set photos from Angel. Featuring the old "floating head of Lorne under my arm" trick.

March 30 2013

That Angel reference in A+X #6. Peter David wrote a scene where Wolverine and Captain Marvel discuss Angel's Cavemen vs Astronauts argument.

March 26 2013

David Boreanaz comments on whether he'd consider a fan-financed Angel film. Probably not, he tells TV Guide. "Joss Whedon is too busy to do that, so I don't think it will ever happen. I've never been a big reunion guy. But I'd love to do a Bones film."
Sofa Dogs Podcast commentary for Angel: Reprise with special guest Tim Minear. John Pavlich is joined by Tim Minear for another podcast commentary. This time, they discuss episode 15 of ANGEL's second season, Reprise. More...

March 20 2013

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. Why Wesley and Fred were different (or, Much Ado about AtS).

January 17 2013

Sneaky Angel reference in this week's 'Robot Chicken'. Can you spot it? (language probably NSFW) More...

January 14 2013

The Awl examines the theology of Angel. "Our world is a black iron prison ruled by cruel alien monsters, while a distant Powers That Be are separated from us by an immense gulf of space, time, understanding and several hundred thousand years of inbreeding with the demons who prowl our world."

December 20 2012

She's not the "Angel" she seems. George Takei references Angel on his Facebook page. Pop culture doesn't get much better than this.

December 02 2012

Angel: Series Trailer. A really good fan trailer for Angel. Highly recommended.

November 29 2012

Franco Urru has passed away. The Angel and Spike artist who worked with Brian Lynch on the various IDW books has passed away. More...

November 28 2012

Tim Minear returns to Redemptioncast! This "Introcast" (a group is watching a show for the first time, spoiler-free) welcomes back Tim to share in a discussion of Angel (2x02), "Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been..."

November 03 2012

Welcome to Wolfram & Hart: The Semi-Complete Guide to Evil. This originally appeared in the "Five Seasons of Angel" anthology.

November 01 2012

"Joss Whedon's Angel" by Speechwriters LLC. Speechwriters LLC wants to be your angel - but in the Joss Whedon sense.

October 28 2012

The 15 best vampires not in Twilight. The list features one of our favourite vampires.

October 21 2012

Cosmic horror in the Buffyverse. Biff Bam Pop! touches upon Lovecraft's Cosmicism in the Angel episode 'A Hole in the World'. More...

October 14 2012

IDW unveils "Mars Attacks Spike" variant cover. If you missed Franco Urru's Angelverse art, well you're in for a treat. More...

October 09 2012

(SPOILER) Q&A with Rebekah Isaacs for Angel & Faith #14. Courtesy of SlayAlive.

August 22 2012

Vincent Kartheiser at the San Jose Rep. Vincent Kartheiser takes another spin as a more Connor-like character at the San Jose Repertory Theatre. August 30 through September 23.

August 20 2012

SciFiNow's top ten best Angel episodes. Find out if your favourites made the list.

August 08 2012

Wolfram & Hart and... Legal Ethics? Would Angel really be allowed to become the CEO? Are the Senior Partners members of the California Bar? 'Law and the Multiverse' investigates these and other questions. More...

August 06 2012

IDW Angel and Spike 50% off sale at Comixology. Every issue of Angel and Spike published by IDW, plus most of the associated mini-series and one-shots, available to download at 99 cents each. More...

July 25 2012

Angel: After the Fall Slipcase Edition available for pre-order. Released in September. They are TPBs, so maybe no extras. It can be found cheaper on

June 23 2012

"On Wesley and Fred". An article defending the relationship between Wesley and Fred, as well as Fred herself.

June 17 2012

CBR Sunday Conversation: Rebekah Isaacs. CBR talks to Rebekah about her work, interests and life in general.

June 01 2012

Survey Request: What Are Angel's Values? Watcher Junior is requesting help with surveys on Whedon's work. This week's survey will have you examine the values expressed by Angel, the television series created by David Greenwalt and Joss Whedon. (The comic series will be the subject of a later survey.) More...

May 31 2012

The first draft of the Slayage 5 Conference programme is now available for preview. The conference takes place in Vancouver, Canada from July 12-15, 2012. Anyone else going?

May 15 2012

'Victim Triumphant' - an Angel essay. This originally appeared in the "Five Seasons of Angel" anthology.

May 06 2012

Get drawn into Angel & Faith. Enter Multiversity's contest and artist Rebekah Isaacs may put you in an upcoming issue! More...

May 01 2012

20 things we love about Angel. SFX Magazine says "It became a phenomenal series in its own right: chock-full of laughs, drama and plot twists so relentlessly twisty it ended up as a completely different show than the one it started out as (something even Buffy didn't really accomplish)."

April 08 2012

"A World Without Love" - an Angel essay. This Smart Pop Books essay looks at the failure of family in Angel.

March 28 2012

(SPOILER) Guest Artist Chris Samnee talks Angel & Faith # 10. The artist on June's Angel & Faith # 10 speaks with Newsarama and some new art is included.

March 17 2012

"Where Have All the Good Guys Gone?" - an Angel essay. This originally appeared in the 'Five Seasons of Angel' collection of essays that came out in 2004.

March 05 2012

Mark Watches Angel. The first time watcher begins Angel season one alongside Buffy season four.

February 06 2012

Think Angel, think Israel Defense Forces? The latest IDF YouTube video uses the Angel theme tune.

January 20 2012

"There's My Boy..." - an Angel essay. This Smart Pop Books essay is taken from "The Psychology of Joss Whedon".

January 14 2012

Weekend sale on digital Angel comics. 99 cents per issue. More...

January 09 2012

Monster Popcorn Interviews Angel & Faith artist Rebekah Isaacs. She talks about her work, Buffy, Angel and what interests her as a geek.

January 06 2012

"It's A Stupid Curse" - an Angel essay. Did the gypsies curse the wrong guy?

November 01 2011

Fan-made Angel Season 5 trailer. An excellent final trailer from youtube user BuffyverseTrailers, this one is Angel Season 5. More...

October 18 2011

10 great stand-alone episodes that totally represent their respective shows. Smile! Our favourite puppet Angel comes in at #1. More...

October 11 2011

RedemptionCast starts watching Angel. The first time BtVS watchers behind PotentialCast start watching Angel. More...

August 26 2011

Angel by the Numbers. A fantastic essay by someone who worked on the show.

August 11 2011

The thirteen most hilarious moments in Angel. That's according to one writer at

August 07 2011

"Roger Wyndham-Pryce" cast in Game of Thrones. Roy Dotrice, who portrayed Wesley's father in the Angel episode "Lineage" has been cast in GoT. More...

July 20 2011

Angel Omnibus Volume 2 comes out this week. The collection includes Smile Time, A Hole in the World, Barbary Coast, Only Human and Not Fade Away. In related news, Angel writer Bill Williams will be signing at Comic-Con and his schedule can be found at his website.

July 04 2011

Angel's Jenny Frisson gets nominated for a Harvey Award. She got nominated in "Best Cover Artist" category.

June 29 2011

Dark Horse's Angel Omnibus gets released this week. That's according to Diamond's shipping list. The omnibus collects the comic book tales of Angel and co from 2000-2002. And Scott Allie writes about the comics at the Buffy Zone.

June 18 2011

Buffy 1.6th scale Library set. A WIP 1.6th scale Sunnydale library set made by a fan to go with their Sideshow 12" figures. More...

May 26 2011

Interview with IDW's Mariah Huehner. She revealed some behind-the-scenes decisions of the IDW Angelverse in this interview with Buffyfest. They also just tweeted that they are putting up an interview they did with Chris Ryall tomorrow.

May 25 2011

'Not To Say Goodbye' - Scott Tipton looks back on his Angel years. A very timely article, it's a must read for anybody interested in IDW's Angel comic books. And Buffyfest has an interview with him as well.
(SPOILER) More preview pages for the Angel Yearbook. It's out today.

May 24 2011

(SPOILER) Angel Yearbook exclusive preview. Brought to you by the good folks of Buffyfest.

May 20 2011

The 10 greatest vampire archetypes. Identifies the various ways vampires are depicted. (Maybe small spoilers if you haven't seen everything mentioned) More...

May 16 2011

The Return of the Cultural Catchup Project. Myles is back for the summer.

May 11 2011

'Tying up Loose Ends' - a review/recap of the last three issues of 'Spike'. If you haven't been reading them, you've been missing out. LiveJournal's shadowkat67 looks at the major happenings.
Contest: Review 'Angel: Yearbook' and win prizes. Patrick Shand, one of the writers for the yearbook, will give the first five reviewers a Aftermath hardcover and a secret gift.

May 06 2011

io9's Pop Punishment analyzes the weaknesses of Angel S1's "She". Maybe Bai Ling's character not returning to the series was a good thing.

May 03 2011

(SPOILER) Preview for Spike #8. Brought to you by io9. This marks the end of the series, as well as the return of the palindrome (read: Urru).

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