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October 24 2014

Sarah Michelle Gellar speaks about Buffy , changing her name, wearing glasses and more during her visit to Australia. Interview links: The Project on 24 October (skip to 30:00), Sunrise (23 October), Kyle & Jackie O Show (23 October) & Rescu (22 October)

June 17 2013

Carlton VIC screening of Much Ado featuring Skype Q&A with Kai Cole. The film and Q&A will happen at 7:00pm on July 2 at Cinema Nova.

May 28 2013

Much Ado About Adelaide. Much Ado About Nothing is coming to Adelaide, South Australia for an advanced screening! Tuesday 18 June at Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas at 1830. More...

May 09 2012

Roadshow expands The Cabin in the Woods release in Australia. Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth join Melbourne and Sydney in getting the film after public outcry over Roadshow initially not booking an Australian theatrical release.

March 22 2012

The Cabin in the Woods to screen at Australian film festival. While we await an actual Australian release date, Gold Coast Film Festival will screen the film on April 27 and April 29. Site currently listing only the second screening, but the tickets site has both available.

April 03 2011

Serenity airs on Australia's Eleven tonight. For those Aussies set up to receive the new channel Eleven, you're in for a treat with Serenity airing at 8:30pm tonight.

October 03 2010

Dollhouse to be shown on Eleven in Australia. It's featured in the station's promo video. Since Eleven is a free-to-air digital channel, hopefully this means that that the DVDs can finally get released in Australia. More...

August 27 2010

The wonderful Whedon of Oz. Joss talks about his upcoming appearances at the Sydney Opera House and the Melbourne Writers Festival, Glee and the lack of musical numbers in The Avengers.

August 26 2010

Joss on SOON on Aussie radio on Go there & click on "Listen" - they keep announcing him for "after the news." ETA: The interview is now online. More...

August 24 2010

The Sydney Morning Herald gives an overview of Joss' long and varied career. Presumably in preparation for his upcoming Australian appearance, the paper tells the Story of Joss complete with new quotes from the man himself. More...

July 13 2010

Joss Whedon at the Melbourne Writers Festival. Joss will deliver the keynote address -- "about his ongoing love affair with the popular, and his fascination with outsider heroes, strong women, and the uses and abuses of power" -- at this year's festival, on August 27. Tickets go on sale Friday at 11:00 AM.

June 06 2010

Australian Dollhouse advert. Super cool Dollhouse season 2 promo from Australia. And another here. More...

November 14 2008

FOXtel announces January schedule, with Dollhouse? FOX08 in Australia will start airing Dollhouse in January, according to the FOXTEL CEO in this Perth Now article. Hilarity may ensue. Though according to TV Tonight, the airdate has still not been set.

October 24 2008

Alan Tudyk - Crocodile Hunter. Photo of Alan Tudyk wrestling a croc eating Stargate's Paul McGillion. More...

October 02 2008

The Joss House - a special event. The Sci Fi Channel in Australia will be paying tribute to our man Joss by airing Buffy, Angel and Firefly back to back in November. More...

May 01 2008

The only Australian screening of Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Southland Tales". Popcorn Taxi in Sydney present the one and only screening in Australia of "Southland Tales" + a Q&A with director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) live from 'Southland' itself (LA). More...

March 10 2008

Jewel Staite reconfirms Supanova 2008 Melbourne & Brisbane! Unfortunately this means Jewel will not be appearing at the Dallas Comic Con as the Brisbane event is the same weekend. (I have it on good authority that she's definitely going to be in Brisbane that weekend)

October 17 2007

50 Waitress Charity Screenings in Australia for The Cancer Council. Sunday, October 21st, 2007. Look what you started B!x. More...

February 17 2006

Serenity tops "At the Movies" Viewer's Poll. The reviewers (David and Margaret) were both very positive about the movie, but did refer to the position possibly being due to the "very loyal and organised fan base".

December 14 2005

Final packaging for region four "Serenity" DVD. Look Ma, no zombies! More...

December 04 2005

ABC Australia's My Favourite Film - Serenity at No. 38! The ABC asked viewers to vote for their favourite film of all time. Serenity clocked in at number 38, out of the 100 listed on the ABC website. Pretty damn fine, considering the competition!!

November 17 2005

Australian Serenity DVD Release Details. The details of the Australia only special features have been released - woo hoo! Sydney Q and A!!

November 08 2005

Universal Announce Australia's Serenity DVD Release. Special Packaging, and unique bonus material, planned for the DVD. Yip! More...

October 24 2005

Third Week of Box Office Takings in Australia. UIP posted this earlier at Serenity Oz. More...

October 01 2005

Joss checks in with his Aussie peeps. A quick note from Joss to his Australian browncoats, including a nice shout out to whedonesque's nixygirl and mimbles.

September 30 2005

[Australia] Serenity opening day box office statistics. Serenity has done exceptionally well, ranked 5th, placing it above Cinderella Man and Transporter 2. The top four movies were family movies aimed at the kiddies who are all on school holidays at the moment.

September 29 2005

Serenity released in Australia today. Making it the first country in the world to get the movie on general release.

September 25 2005

Australian Education Minister Slays Buffy. In a move designed to preach to his conservative choir, Brendan Nelson compares Buffy to Big Brother and calls both dumb. More...

September 24 2005

(SPOILER) Joss article in Australian newspaper The Age. Nice article with plenty of Wonder Woman and feminism questions. Very minor spoilers only. More...

September 23 2005

(SPOILER) 25 Minute video of Joss press conference in Australia. MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING. Link goes to Greater Union website. Here's a Quicktime version.

[ edited by Caroline on 2005-09-23 21:25 ] More...

September 18 2005

Joss Interview from Australian TV Week. More questions asked about on a possible Buffyverse movie than Serenity. More...

September 15 2005

(SPOILER) Transcript of first part of Joss' Q and A in Melbourne, Australia. Major Spoilers - like nixygirl said - do not click on this link if you don't want to be spoiled. Details on who has signed on for the sequels over at Sci Fi Wire.

September 13 2005

(SPOILER) Joss 'off to play the grand piano' Whedon talks to ABC local radio in Sydney. A twenty minute chat with Sarah MacDonald, handily provided by the broadcaster as an mp3 file. More...
(SPOILER) Transcript of Joss' Sydney Q&A. Warning! MASSIVE SPOILERS. Do NOT click this link if you don't want to be spoiled! More...

September 11 2005

(SPOILER) RealAudio clip of Joss' interview on Australia's Radio National on Sept 12th, 2005. Poor Joss sounds very tired, but still gives good interview! Check his Australian Media Itinerary for more things to listen and watch.

September 10 2005

Going to have a beer with Joss! Joss takes time out to be with his peeps! More...

August 23 2005

Joss to Appear on Rove, Sept 13th. Australian Talk Show similar to Conan O'Brian. More...

August 22 2005

More Advance Screenings for Australia, again! 3 more screenings for Sydney, in various suburbs. And an extra 100 seats made available for Perth, Australia. More...

August 14 2005

More Advance Screenings for Australia in Sydney, Canberra and Perth. More...

August 12 2005

UIP Announce Advance Screenings in Townsville, Australia. Serenity coming soon to a back water town near you. More...

August 10 2005

UIP Announces More Australian Serenity Screenings. Victoria, Tasmania and as of August 12, Townsville in QLD. More...

August 05 2005

Joss' introduction to the Australian advanced screenings. UIP has posted his 'much requested speech' on the Serenity OZ site.

July 22 2005

Serenity Trailer hits Australian Cinemas next Thursday. "Browncoats, The official trailer for 'Serenity' can be seen in selected cinemas nationwide as of Thursday the 28th of July. We trust you'll enjoy another sneak-peek at the film. UIP Australia". More...

July 19 2005

Mysterious Skin film may be banned. Acording to an article on NINEMSN the film starring Michelle Trachtenberg could be banned in Australia. More...

July 18 2005

UIP Launch Australia's Serenity Website. We have our own website now (with a message from Joss too).

July 10 2005

Mysterious Skin to screen at Melbourne International Film Festival. This film, featuring Michelle Trachtenberg, will screen on 23 and 28 July. More...

July 03 2005

Fantastic fan report from Australia. Transcripts of Q&As with David Fury, James Marsters and Tony Head. More...

July 04 2004

James Marsters in Australia. Convention report by bookworm54 at the MtS forums (scroll down). Things to note, Macbeth seems to be on the backburner and David Greenwalt is currently pitching a series for James to the networks.

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