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"Who is this? Who is this? I came to fight the vampire with a soul. Guess you shouldn't have sold it, huh?"
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January 14 2013

Joss Whedon nominated in the YOUreviewers Awards for Best Director.

February 01 2011

Cast your vote in TV Guide Magazine's Fan Favorite Awards. Nominations include Nathan Fillion, Castle, HIMYM and Eureka (Felicia Day will be in it so that counts, right?)

January 09 2009

Dr Horrible's PCA acceptance speech. Finally they get to say their piece.

August 17 2007

Firefly Talk wins People's Choice Podcast Award. While it won't be known until the end of September whether or not it also wins "Best Produced", it's been announced that the Verse-related podcast has won in the "Movies/Films" category. More...

March 28 2007

Runaways nominated for a Peach award. Winning the award would make Runaways required reading in the Georgia school system. The first Joss-penned issue is out next Wednesday. More...

June 06 2006

Vote for Serenity on the Hugo ballot. The Hugo Award is the Oscar of science fiction, the highest accolade they can offer. And guess which plucky litle movie is up for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form? If you are attending this year's World Science Fiction convention in Los Angeles or if you bought a supporting membership, you can vote.

February 22 2006

Serenity at the Calvin Awards. Serenity has won Best Picture and is in the Top Ten in several other categories including Best Cast, Best Screenplay, Best DVD, Best Supporting Actor, Best Scene, Best Trailer and Best Supporting Actress.

January 03 2006

Official Serenity Movie site wins a Wooden Rocket award. It beat other sites such as the Harry Potter and King Kong ones to win the highly coveted 'Best Official Movie Site' award. Which is just ironic really considering the forum was closed down yesterday.

December 29 2005

Serenity wins BBC Film 2005 award - aired on TV. Joss appeared to pick up the award.

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