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June 09 2013

Watch Neil Patrick Harris' 2013 Tony Awards Opening Number. It has song, dance, magic, acrobatics. There's a reason this is his fourth time hosting the Tony Awards. You can also see his closing number.

April 24 2012

Dr. Horrible Freeze Ray Tee available at Thinkgeek. Freeze-Ray. Stops time. Tell your friends.

April 26 2011

Amazing fan trailer for Firefly. By MrMorda898 on YouTube. More...

December 13 2010

Nathan Fillion Preps for the VGAs. Honestly - does this need a description?

September 22 2010

New Star One Album features song about Firefly. Sci-Fi metal artist Arjen Lucassen has included a song about Firefly called "Earth that Was" in his upcoming album "Victims of the Modern Age." Give it a listen.

August 07 2010

EW reviews NPH's Rent. Spoiler Alert: It does not suck! More...

April 19 2010

Why fan writing matters - a Firefly web comic. As seen on ComicsAlliance.

February 28 2010

NPH makes his theatrical directing debut with a production of "Rent"! It all goes down at the Hollywood Bowl August 6th through 8th.

September 21 2009

TV Guide's "Best Moments" at The Emmys. The Doctor is in, at #4.

August 25 2009

Limited edition poster of A-Z of Awesomeness now for sale. Naked Joss! Hurry, there's only 250 posters available. More...

June 12 2009

Inara's Shuttle architectural cutaways of Serenity up for auction. Part of the previously unannounced set by QMx, 15 numbered test prints will go under the hammer at the LA CSTS screening.

April 29 2009

(SPOILER) Dollverse has some exclusive Dollhouse episode 13 pics. Dollverse has some possibly spoilery pics for 'Epitaph One'.

September 23 2008

Bids are open on a HIMYM walk on role, donated by NPH. Support the charity Health Corps and get up close with the cast of How I Met Your Mother, in this rare opportunity for a walk-on role. More...

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