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August 16 2007

(SPOILER) CBR has preview pages for Astonishing X-Men #22. Also in the same website, the usual higher quality preview pics for Dark Horse releases for November.

February 10 2007

New Joe Fridays 34. Contains a question concerning Joss at Marvel now that he's not doing Wonder Woman anymore (scroll down to the very bottom).

September 29 2006

New Joe Fridays 15. A question concerning continuity gets Quesada to refer to Nick Lowe and a source known as "The Whedon".

August 24 2006

Mike Marts Leaves Marvel for DC. Mike Marts, editor on AXM, leaves Marvel for DC. And hot Joss update on Marts, projects, and sundry. More...

August 24 2005

Marvel releases alternate cover for Astonishing X-Men#12. You can still check for this issue's 5 page preview, it will be released in August 31st.

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