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August 28 2011

Assignment X interviews Mark Sheppard on the return of Jim Sterling on Leverage. The actor talks about the Sterling/Nate relationship and working with director Jonathan Frakes.

March 23 2011

Mark Sheppard joins Doctor Who panel at Wondercon. Our favorite respectable businessman will be part of the Doctor Who Panel on April 3rd to talk about his role in the two-part season opener. More...

December 10 2009

Mark Sheppard announces a guest star arc on Chuck. Reuniting Mark and Adam. No more details, other than his arc will start with the 12th episode, according to spoilertv. Chuck starts its 3rd season Jan 10th.

August 01 2009

Video of Mark Sheppard on the Middleman SDCC Panel. The panel did a table read of the final episode of the Middleman. It is a very interesting watch.

May 24 2009

Mark Sheppard spreads the word about High Voltage. Mark not only does a voice-over for High Voltage's latest game for the Wii, but he is also going out and promoting it with them.

February 18 2009

Mark Sheppard and Rod Rowland got burned but with notice. As they both guest star on the current episode of Burn Notice.

December 15 2008

Mark Sheppard begins his recurring role on Leverage. Mark will be appearing in at least 5 episodes of the series Leverage (which stars Christain Kane) this season, including the season finale. Starting this Tuesday at 10pm ET on TNT.

October 27 2008

Mark Sheppard enters the Dollhouse. Mark blogs just a snippet on his myspace page about going back to work for Whedon and finishing up the season finale of TNT's Leverage (which stars Christian Kane).

March 05 2007

Badger on Battlestar Galactica NEXT WEEK. Mark Sheppard will guest star in next week's episode of Battlestar Galactica "The Son Also Rises." More...

November 22 2006

Mark Sheppard does double duty on the next episode of Medium on NBC. Next Wed, 11/29 at 10 ET. Mark Sheppard returns to Medium, click on the Behind the Scenes to watch an exclusive clip from the episode 'Blood Relations' starring Mark.

November 02 2006

Badger doctors up Medium Season 2 DVD (R1). Mark A. Sheppard does commentary on Medium episode "Doctor's Orders" in the Season 2 DVD set, which he stars in. The DVD set is out now. Also we get to find out what the 'A' stands for. More...

August 24 2006

Dinner with Badger. This past Sunday at the BE Blowout, guest from Smallville, Roswell, Veronica Mars and Firefly auctioned themselves off for dinner to raise money for becharitable's Itty Scholarship. Dinner with Mark Sheppard was one of those auctioned off, the person who won the auction was asked to tell us about it and thus this blog began. More...

March 04 2006

Mark Sheppard and James Leary to appear at a convention in May. 'Love Letter to Itty' is a Charity con in Burbank, CA May 12-14, 2006. James Leary is the MC of the event, Mark Sheppard is one of the guest that weekend. More...

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