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February 11 2012

Whedonverse veterans confirmed for Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Adam Baldwin and James Marsters announced as media guests at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in April. More...

February 27 2011

The man they call Jayne turns 49 today! Happy Birthday to Adam Baldwin.

March 12 2009

Adam Baldwin is: "That guy from that thing". An Empire Online celebration of those touchstone actors you rarely know the names of, but always deliver the goods. Also features Brian Thompson. More...

March 23 2008

One Whedon Fan's Report From The Paley Festival. Monique from "My Celebrity Encounters" has a report on her week at the Paley Festival, especially seeing the Chuck and Buffy panels. It includes a clip on how Sarah Michelle Gellar prepared for the classic episode, "The Body." It also has great pictures from that panel.

April 29 2007

Superman Doomsday Trailer online. Based on the classic Superman storyline, Adam Baldwin is the man of Steel, and James Marsters is Lex Luthor. More...

December 15 2006

Adam Baldwin's show "Day Break" off ABC schedule. ABC has announced it will pull the remaining episodes of "Day Break" to make room for new comedies starting January 3rd. The remaining episodes will be streamed at This is due to the show, along with "Show Me the Money", hitting new ratings lows.

October 11 2005

(SPOILER) Why stop the signal when it's this good? "One of the underlying themes in "Serenity" is the right for people to know the truth, which is especially valid in our current times." More...

August 17 2005

Serenity is a Labor of Love. A post from Adam Baldwin on how Serenity was made. Foremost, as a labor of love not for the money (reg req). More...

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