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April 16 2012

Emma Caulfield returns to co-host Indie Intertube. Our favorite former vengeance demon returns to co-host the popular web call-in show on Wednesday, April 18th. More...

September 20 2011

Emma Caulfield and Tom Lenk together on Bandwagon. Hilarity ensues :D.

July 05 2011

The official trailer for Bandwagon season 2. Emma Caulfield's Bandwagon season 2's premiere date is going to be announced soon. More...

December 23 2010

Help Emma Caulfield create Bandwagon Season 2. She's looking for pledges to fund the next season. The original documentary (which features some very familar faces) can be found on YouTube.

October 21 2010

Bandwagonification! Looks like Emma's Bandwagon is finally coming out for us all to see via YouTube! Very excite! More...

July 13 2005

Emma Caulfield update. Emma posted saying that there is interest for distribution of Bandwagon and that she is currently shooting a film in Malta.

June 18 2005

Bandwagon Wins Maverick Award. The independent movie co-produced by, and starring, Emma Caulfield wins an award at the Newport Beach Film Festival. More...

April 18 2004

Emma Caulfield on her new movie 'Bandwagon'. "I look at what's been happening with free speech in this country, at the way Howard Stern is being treated by the FCC, for instance, and it appalls me".

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