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June 12 2013

Joss Whedon to be interviewed on BBC Radio 3's Night Waves tonight. If you didn't manage to get tickets to see Joss at the BFI tonight (and who did?) you can catch him at 10pm BST and thereafter on iPlayer.

May 16 2012

Tom Hiddleston on BBC's The Film Programme. A discussion with Hiddleston about a certain phrase. More...

August 19 2011

Steven Moffat starts watching Firefly. On a train. The current lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, @steven_moffat also made Coupling and co-created Sherlock - the much praised BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. He tweets: More...

August 28 2008

BBC launches 'Merlin' promo. Will satisfy anyone who has ever wanted to see Tony Head wearing a crown.

January 29 2008

Marsters: Captain John 'is like Spike'. "James Marsters has admitted that his Torchwood character Captain John is similar to the role he played on Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

August 24 2007

BBC's Torchwood Has U.S. Roots. Julie Gardner, executive producer of the BBC series Torchwood, discusses how the show has been influenced by American shows of the 1990s, including Buffy and Angel.

February 16 2007

It's "Buffy meets horoscopes"! Read how the BBC likes to describe its new online teen drama. Somewhere a Buffy loving TV license fee payer is scratching his head.

April 27 2006

Find Buffy on the Beeb. The BBC has put its entire 'infax' programme catalogue online and it's searchable. More...

April 20 2006

(SPOILER) 'How I Met Your Mother' Gets UK Airdate. BBC Three have finally given the details on when they will air How I Met Your Mother after having the rights for many months. Warning: The link contains spoilers to several other shows. In other UK news, FX UK will be showing Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a 7pm slot starting from May 1st as well. And Adam Baldwin will be on tonight's episode of Bones on Sky One. More...

March 13 2006

Learn to speak English with Joss Whedon and the BBC (pdf). RealPlayer users can listen in. They also have their DVD review up: "For discerning sci-fi fans, this DVD opens a porthole to a refreshingly new frontier."

February 24 2006

Joss Whedon interview on this morning's Phil Jupitus breakfast show on BBC 6 Music. It should be transmitted some time between 9am and 10am GMT and can be listened to on DAB digital radio, online or interactive TV.

December 29 2005

Serenity wins BBC Film 2005 award - aired on TV. Joss appeared to pick up the award.

October 07 2005

(SPOILER) BBC podcast: Mark Kermode reviews Serenity. This is Mark Kermode, fairly respected in the UK. I haven't listened to it yet so there may be spoilers.

August 08 2002

Andy Hallet and Mark Lutz (Lorne and Groo) talk to the BBC, promoting the VHS release of AtS S3 part II. They do bad Irish accents and amuse us with impressions of Paul Lynde. No spoilers and very little 'behind the scenes' AtS info. But Andy looks good and Mark has shiny teeth. More...

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