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July 03 2014

Win tickets to see Ben Edlund at Genre Smash! in Los Angeles on July 15th. We have five pairs of tickets to give away to see Ben chat about his work (Angel, Firefly, Supernatural, Gotham). So if you're interested, send an email to with the subject "Ben" and we'll pick the winners randomly on the 6th of July.

February 05 2013

Ben Edlund previews his upcoming episode of Supernatural. He reveals his love of "Barney Miller" (which featured Ron Glass(Shepherd Book)).

January 04 2013

io9 retro reviews Titan A.E.. Meredith Woerner's article is called "Why Titan A.E. is an Underappreciated Masterpiece" And who's to argue?

August 13 2012

Nerdist Writers Panel: TV Fantasy Goes Mainstream. This panel was recorded at the ATX Television Festival and includes Jane Espenson, Jose Molina, and Ben Edlund.

September 22 2011

Ben Edlund, Amy Berg and Angelina Burnett on the Nerdist Writers Panel #8. Lots of Joss talk in this one. Also, adult language. :)

March 29 2010

Titan Books announce writers for the Firefly: Still Flying book. Jane Espenson, Ben Edlund, Brett Matthews and Jose Molina are each contributing a story. There's also the finalised cover art and more details about what's inside the book. More...

November 23 2009

New Firefly short stories in the works? Both Jane Espenson and Jose Molina have tweeted recently about a Firefly short story project of some kind. Also involves Ben Edlund. More...

August 12 2009

(SPOILER) Ben Edlund Reveals Lessons from Joss Whedon (Supernatural spoilers). A video interview from 2009 SD Comic-Con where Ben Edlund talks about Joss's influence on him. Supernatural spoiler at the end.

February 06 2008

(SPOILER) 'Supernatural' Creator Eric Kripke Interview. Mentioned among the topics discussed is an interesting contribution from Ben Edlund, who wrote and produced wonderful episodes of Angel and Firefly. Warning:vast spoilers for the remaining episodes of this season's Supernatural. More...

November 20 2007

Ben Edlund marches down Hollywood Blvd. In a small group of pictures posted to Nikki Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily blog, Edlund marches as a WGA member with his daughter Ezra. Besides being the creator of The Tick, he's known to us for writing/directing on Firefly and Angel.

May 08 2007

Special Auctions for charity from You can win a signed "You're Welcome" script or a signed one-of-a-kind event poster. More...

April 24 2007

Buffy fans sing for charity. A recent screening of 'Once More With Feeling' in Pasenda, CA raised $3,500 for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. And according to Sci Fi Wire, guests at the event included David Fury, Ben Edlund, James C. Leary and Camden Toy.

October 12 2006

(SPOILER) Tonight on The CW - Amber Benson guests in Supernatural. And in two weeks time, there's an episode penned by Ben Edlund. So it's all good really. More...

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