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June 20 2014

James Marsters and Bianca Lawson to guest star on 'Witches of East End'. It's nearly seventeen years since they appeared together on Buffy.

July 24 2013

Hollywood actress had played a 17 year old for over 17 years. Gawker highlights Bianca Lawson's career of playing teens. More...

January 09 2012

(SPOILER) Bianca Lawson joins MTV's "Teen Wolf". Kendra the Vampire Slayer will recur on Teen Wolf for at least four episodes as Ms. Morrell, Beacon Hills high school's guidance counselor.

April 20 2010

'Pretty Little Liars' article and trailer. Bianca Lawson is mentioned in the article and her character shows up in the video.

March 20 2010

Happy Birthday, Bianca! The Slayer turns 31.

January 05 2010

(SPOILER) Kendra and the Vampire (Diaries, that is). Former slayer Bianca Lawson repeats her guest stint on the fangy CW show. More...

December 07 2009

Alexis Denisof cast in ABC Family pilot "Pretty Little Liars". Bianca Lawson ("Kendra") will also be joining in a recurring role. More...

July 13 2007

Lawson Has Bite In Supergator. Bianca Lawson co-stars in this upcoming SCI FI original movie. More...

March 12 2007

A quick chat with Nick Brendon and Bianca Lawson. This was conducted at last month's New York Comic Con.

November 08 2006

Ron Glass, Sam Anderson and Bianca Lawson will be appearing at the FX Show. The event takes place January 26-28, 2007 in Orlando, Florida. More...

August 10 2006

Kendra joins the BE BlowOut Line-up Aug 18-20 in Burbank. Bianca Lawson is joining the other whedonverse guests at the BE BlowOut next weekend. Tickets available at the door, starting at $25. Other verse guests include Elisabeth Rohm, Andy Hallett, Matt James, Kelly Donovan, and Mark Sheppard. More...

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