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October 25 2013

(SPOILER) Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory "sings" love for Joss. When Howard writes a love song for his wife, Bernadette, of course you know that Joss is going to end up in the lyrics! To watch the whole episode, click here. More...

April 12 2011

Firefly's The Train Job meets The Big Bang Theory. A clever editing job, blending The Big Bang Theory with our Favorite Train Robbery.

December 23 2010

The Big Bang Theory's geekiest guest stars. Eliza Dushku and Summer Glau are listed.

October 30 2010

(SPOILER) Trailer for Eliza Dushku's 'The Big Bang Theory' episode. The episode airs this Thursday.

October 28 2010

(SPOILER) Promo pics of Eliza Dushku on 'Big Bang Theory'. She is playing an FBI Agent. The episode titled 'The Apology Insuffiency' airs on November 4th.

September 23 2010

'Big Bang Theory' books Eliza Dushku. She will play an FBI agent assigned to conduct a background check on Wolowitz. She appears in the 7th episode of the season.

September 07 2010

Fall 2010 TV Premiere Schedule. The 2010 Fall schedule that includes many returning and new shows featuring our alumni. More...

March 01 2009

Summer talks Big Bang Theory. Before the T:SCC panel at WonderCon, Summer Glau talked to reporters about playing herself on an upcoming episode of the CBS sitcom.

February 21 2009

(SPOILER) Summer Glau talks Big Bang Theory. Access Hollywood chats with Summer about her appearance on the CBS comedy, her genre fame status and if she follows what people say about her online.

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