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January 17 2007

(SPOILER) New York Daily News compares "Scrubs" musical episode with "OMWF". "In terms of delivering a special musical episode, nothing matches the excellence of Joss Whedon's "Once More With Feeling" musical episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Tomorrow night, though, "Scrubs" comes impressively close." It contains plot details and spoilers for the episode. More...

May 12 2006

Other people name-drop Buffy and Joss. A round up of whose bringing up Joss and the Buffyverse in interviews. First up, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence chats about Buffy's cult following. Then Rob Thomas briefly notes the difference between Buffy and Veronica Mars (spoilers for VM season 2). Brian K. Vaughan mentions Joss and Astonishing X-Men. And finally vampire authors Serena Robar and Mari Mancusi chat about their love of Buffy. More...

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