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"I need better back-up than C3PO and Stick Figure Barbie."
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May 16 2011

The Return of the Cultural Catchup Project. Myles is back for the summer.

January 05 2011

NikatNite Great Buffy ReWatch now underway. This may have been posted back when it was announced, but it's a great time to re-watch, or introduce newbies. More...

November 27 2005

Wonderfalls gets some blogosphere notice. In Instapundit, no less. You can't keep a good show down!

September 28 2005

Interesting Blog Response to Universal Marketing. Thought folks might be interested in how the Universal approach to bloggers is working.

September 22 2005

Can the blogosphere win it for Serenity? Interesting analysis on the role of blogs in boosting ticket sales.

August 09 2005

Mal Reynolds, Libertarian. As fandom spreads, everyone seems to filter Serenity and Firefly through their own beliefs. More...

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