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August 21 2007

QMx to release new version of blueprints. Over the wire via the QMx Insider (and also mentioned in the DVD insert), Quantum Mechanix will be releasing "a new handy reference-size, spiral-bound pack" of the blueprints. Less expensive than the large-format limited-edition blueprints, and with some added material. More...

May 03 2007

New Serenity-related stuff coming from QMx. Lurking Rhythmically has the scoop on a new project from QMx and Browncoat fan-artist Whitefall. More...

April 06 2007

Blueprints on sale at QMx now. The Official Serenity blueprints are now on sale at QMx. Can't build your own Firefly without the plans... More...

March 19 2007

SoCal Browncoats/QMx Offer Sneak Peak At Serenity's Blueprints. If you're lucky enough to be in, or near enough to get to, Southern California, you can hit a special shindig event on March 31st and get a look at QMx's forthcoming extensive blueprints for Serenity, the shuttles, and the mule. More...

January 13 2007

Coming soon - Serenity Blueprints. QMX are promising blueprints which "will be *the* definitive resource on Serenity's design, layout and systems". And get this, they'll be created by two of the Serenity movie designers, Geoffrey Mandel and Tim Earls.

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