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March 14 2013

Nathan Fillion joins voice cast for a World War Z extended audio book. He's joining some big names including Simon Pegg and interestingly, Martin Scorsese.

May 23 2012

Badass Digest's TV Timewarp - Firefly: Episodes 4-6. Devin Faraci, Meredith Borders and Erin Callahan revisit "Bushwhacked", "Safe" and "Shindig". You can see their takes on "Serenity" and "The Train Job" here. -

May 15 2012

QMx reveals Shepherd Book Collectible Maquette. Everyone's favourite preacher with a past gets the Little Damn Hero treatment: debuting this Comic-Con as an exclusive, and available to pre-order if you get on the waiting list.

February 06 2012

Firefly cake with crew cupcakes and light-up Serenity. Not much more to say than that, really. More...

May 03 2011

Want to meet or go bowling with Nicholas Brendon? Packrat Comics in Columbus, OH will be hosting Mr. Brendon and others for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 7th. More...

October 14 2010

The Many Faces of Shepherd Book. Is a teaser image for The Shepherd's Tale, and claims it comes on October 27. Wasn't it coming in December? (I don't think we've seen this picture before, but I could be wrong.)

July 01 2010

The Art of Drew Struzan book coming in September. Will include previously unseen poster concept for Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. More...

March 27 2010

Nicholas Brendon meet and greet in Columbus, OH! On May 1st, Packrat comics in Columbus, OH will be having a meet and greet with none other than Nicholas Brendon! He will be on hand to sign autographs and take pictures as a part of their Free Comic Book Day event. Click the link for more details.

January 18 2010

Upcoming big Buffyverse bibliography. A "massive bibliography" on everything ever published about Buffy or Angel, to arrive in 2010. More...

January 18 2009's 20 Black Sci-Fi Icons. Zoe Washburne, Shepherd Derrial Book and The Operative all make the list (spoilers if you haven't last Friday night's Battlestar Galactica). More...

June 11 2008

Serenity Adventures available for pre-order. The all new RPG book from Margaret Weis Productions is listed on Amazon. It's also on the MWP site. More...

January 14 2008

Shiny tribute to all nine of our "Big Damn Heroes". Possibly the most motivational video of... ever. All Firefly clips utilized line up rather precisely with the lyrics, too! More...

November 05 2007

(SPOILER) An answer to Book's mysterious past? Morena Baccarin reveals the big secret at the Serenity LA convention. Or is it just a case of classic misdirection?

August 25 2007

A fan tribute to James Marsters, in photos of expression. This book (filled with the many faces of James taken by the fans over the years), will be given to Mr. Marsters at Dragoncon next weekend. If you are going to Dragoncon and you want to sign the book you can find out when here. More...

July 09 2007

Book signing. Ron Glass will be doing a signing at the Hollywood Collectors Show in Burbank, CA on July 21-22.

May 31 2007

When this thing gets moribund. Another report from Joss at Wesleyan, in which he's asked "if we were ever going to find out how Book knows so much more than a Shepherd should about so many things". The phrasing of the answer is causing some debate. More...

April 22 2007

One Thing or Your Mother. Amazon has listed a new Buffy novel by Kirsten Beyer that's available for pre-order. Due out New Years. More...

March 17 2007

Firefly Music Book is available. I'm a bit late posting about it, but Greg Edmonson's book of Firefly Sheet Music has been released earlier than expected. If you know anyone who plays piano, or would like a truly unique Firefly Collectible, well.... I'm just sayin'....

January 25 2007

Ron Glass interview from FX Show in Orlando. His nickname was "Big G" back in high school. "In 2002, Ron landed a role as one of the main characters, Shepherd Book, on Joss Whedon's hit sci-fi show Firefly."

December 15 2006

Christopher Golden returns to Buffy with a new book called Dark Congress, which will be available in the summer. Also a blog post. More...

November 16 2006

What is Uranus? Jane Espenson joins Bob Harris in an interview about his book, Prisoner of Trebekistan, for Television Without Pity.

August 10 2006

Firefly: The Official Companion Vol 1 already out in the States. Titan Books dropped a line to say that "We're told that copies have already begun to appear on shelves in the US". The book is a fantastic read: packed with juicy cast and crew interviews, beside the scenes pics , costume sketches and of course the scripts of the first six episodes. Based on what posters are saying, try your local comic book shop for a copy. More...

April 08 2006

Cover art for the "Firefly: The Official Companion" book. Notice the magic words 'Volume One'. has a release date for it for September 30th. Though its British store says it'll be out in the UK on June 23rd and will include "unseen photos, scripts, behind the scenes secrets, and exclusive input from the cast and crew". More...

March 15 2006

"Go Ask Malice": New details only just revealed about new Buffy book. By Robert Levy. Due out June 27, 2006 in US, July 3 in UK. Best of all, it's all about Faith! More...

November 14 2005

Browncoat Book website online. Edited by Kirsty 'Joss dropped my drink' Walker, find out about "a yearbook chronicling the end of Firefly and the start of Serenity" (from fans' perspective). All profits go to Equality Now.

October 17 2005

The Browncoat Book. ( reg.req.) Some folks over at the movie board had the idea to create a book for our fandom.Thought that it was a great idea. More...

August 05 2005

New details on Serenity film tie-in book. Or as we more affectionately call it " Serenity: The Official Visual Companion". The cover is now available and there's some interesting tidbits on what to expect in the book (out Sept 1st). More...

July 14 2005

Book's first name? The Sci-Fi website for Firefly appears to resolve the long-standing question of Shepherd Book's first name. More...

May 02 2003

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy' Released. Both Peter David and Entertainment Weekly cover this new book release. More...

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