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"She-Hulk has the fakest boobs I ever saw."
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August 04 2017

Slayer Stats: The Complete Infographic Guide to All Things Buffy. New book out in 2018.

October 13 2013

"Fan Phenomenon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - out now. This new text is part of a series, with books looking at, in addition to Buffy, Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who and Batman.

June 24 2012

Awesome books to replace your favourite cancelled shows. io9 gives some recommended reading to substitute our Big Damn Heroes and that lovable Vampire with a soul, among others.

May 26 2012

The Gentleviewer's Obsessive Guide to Buffy. Perfect for all members of Whedonesque!

April 10 2011

Introduction to Whedonistas. "A host of award-winning female writers and fans come together to celebrate the works of Joss Whedon."

June 25 2009

How to Meet and Woo a Nerdy Girl. Love ladies with big glasses and bigger brains? The Park Bench provides a list of definite 'do's' (check out #7). More...

June 22 2009

Twitterlit Has a New Category for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Twitterlit, which posts the first sentences from books, has been Buffycentric lately. And now they've set up a new section for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Today, they've added to the section with two entries on Firefly. More...

May 27 2009

"Buffy marked a turning point toward the new breed of paranormal". Publishers' Weekly article on the continued surge in paranormal romances, despite a difficult economic situation. More...

August 06 2008

Cataloging Dr Horrible's books. Users at LibraryThing have created an online catalog of Dr Horrible's bookshelf, based on screenshots from the show.
NPH Participates in First Book's "What Book Got You Hooked" Campaign. Click through for a short anecdote from Neil Patrick Harris about Bridge to Terebithia. More...

January 02 2008

The new Buffy contest on Slayerlit. Name your fave book and win an author's signed copy of the new and likely last Buffy novel.

July 28 2007

Jennifer Ouellette on Allyson Beatrice. The author of The Physics of the Buffyverse reviews Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby? in The Huffington Post.

April 06 2007

TFAW gets, sells out of Firefly Visual Companion Vol. 2. It's a case of blink-and-you-missed-it, but they're ordering more now. More...

May 30 2006

Forthcoming book by David Lavery: Joss Whedon: Wonder Boy. Prospectus for David Lavery's "comprehensive critical biography of Joss Whedon." More...

March 09 2006

Susanna Clarke, author of "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell", lists Joss as one of her favorite writers. He and the other BtVS writers are among her 5 favorite writers, and the only non-text based authors listed. More...

February 16 2006

Danny Strong talks about his passion for book collecting. Turns out he indirectly got his Harry Potter books from Sarah Michelle Gellar.

January 16 2006

Previews of Joss books. Ever wanted to read 'Finding Serenity', 'Five Seasons of Angel', 'Seven Seasons of Buffy' or 'Joss Whedon: The Genius Behind Buffy' but haven't for some reason? Well Smart Pop Books has PDF previews of these books at their website.

December 04 2005

BFI TV Classics: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Authored by Anne Billson, a new, seemingly scholarly, work about BtVS has been published this month by the British Film Institute. More...

November 04 2005

(SPOILER) An afterlife for Tara. Amber Benson finds a new calling as co-author of the horror series, "Ghost of Albion: Accursed", the first full-length novel in a new series from Christopher Golden. More...

October 06 2005

Auction to benefit Buffy author. A charity event to raise money for brain-tumor research in honor of Matthew Passerella, son of John Passerella (Buffy novelist), on October 8. Check out the charity's website for signed Buffyverse and Serenity items. More...

June 21 2005

"The Aesthetics of culture in BtVS" is the latest academic study of BtVS. Due out in Dec 2005, this book offers "an in-depth examination of the show: first, through the lens of Buffy's confrontation with culture, and second, from the complex perspectives of the individual characters".

April 04 2005

Jane Espenson's "Finding Serenity" is on the shelves! Haven't started reading it yet, just now opened the box. But I can give you the back cover description. More...

January 24 2005

2005 Best Books for Young Adults. The Young Adult Library Services Association of the American Library Association has named Fray as one of the best books for teens for the year. More...

November 24 2004

Two original Firefly books announced for 2006 and there's also details of Keith R.A. DeCandido's 'Serenity' novelisation as well. More...

May 06 2004

Cover and details for The Watcher's Guide Vol. 3. It covers the last three seasons of "Buffy".

January 07 2003

Tales of the Slayer Vol 2 out now. If you're looking for a spin-off Joss , why not make a tv series about the adventures of Slayers from the past? More...

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