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January 16 2007

It's Official - Booster Events is Closing up Shop! There is a brief note on their website saying the website will be shut down as of January 18th.

December 11 2006

Booster Events site back up and running. Sunday night at approx. 10p Pacific time the Booster Events website is up and running. Vicki has posted a public Flan Cancellation notice.

December 06 2006

More Flanvention Confusion. An afternoon scare as Booster Events claims the Hilton cancelled Flan 2, then deletes the thread and says to disregard. Later, an attendee calls the Hilton and they say they've not been told of any cancellation. (Title here changed on late edit.) More...

November 28 2006

Flanvention II to be cancelled?!?! Can this be serious? How can a sold out convention be having financial problems? It makes no sense. ETA: The California Browncoats have something to add on the heels of this news. More...

November 21 2006

Nathan Fillion queries appearance at Flanvention 2. His blog entry was an appeal to Booster Events for them to get in touch with him. One of the Booster Events co-ordinators seems to have sorted things out and Nathan's blog entry on MySpace has now been removed.

June 23 2006

BE a Birthday Booster and get entered into the Master of the Verse Celebration contest. Help celebrate Joss Whedon's Birthday and be entered in a chance to win a pass to the Flan 2. Booster Events is sending Joss a huge birthday card with as many well wishes as possible. So they are celebrating his birthday by offering some presents to fans who want to participate. More...

February 01 2006

Christina Hendricks at Wizard World LA and Flanvention 2. Christina Hendricks will be joining Booster Events at Wizard World LA on Sunday, 19 March 2006 for photos and autographs. The lovely Ms. Hendricks will also be joining the Flanvention 2 lineup! More...

January 17 2006

Stephanie Romanov to attend Wizard World. Booster Entertainment will be an exhibitor at Wizard World LA March 17-19 and they are bringing some friends.

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