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May 02 2010

Zap2It Inaugural TV Show Smackdown: Bones vs. Castle. "You may have noticed that "Bones" and "Castle" have a few things in common: Passionate fans, grisly (but sometimes funny!) murder cases, leading men who previously starred on Joss Whedon shows." More...

June 18 2009

Angel, Booth and Castle named in "Top 50 TV Dads". Angel is at no.11, Seeley no. 13 and Castle no. 9. More...

September 08 2008

Did Dane Cook Steal Plot from one of David Boreanaz's movies? A Hollywood gossip site called Defamer seems to think so. It compares the trailer to Dane Cook's latest movie, "My Best Friend's Girl", to "Mr. Fix-It", a movie David did a few years ago that went to cable and DVD. Both feature a guy who deliberately has terrible dates with women so that they go back to their respective boyfriends. More...

April 16 2008

David Boreanaz offers child-fan a job! No really he did! At the Paley convention for Bones, though I think it was in jest. More...

January 25 2008

"Bones" has new cable home starting next week. Now you can see David Boreanaz day and night. Aside from early morning repeats of "Angel", TNT will be showing "Bones" starting with the first episode next Tuesday. It will be shown five days a week starting next year.

November 13 2007

Cable Girl reviews Bones. A review of Bones in the Guardian by Lucy 'Cable Girl' Mangan. More...

October 01 2007

David Boreanaz on Craig Ferguson tonight. Just a reminder of David Boreanaz's appearance on Ferguson after David Letterman tonight, along with Juliette Lewis. More...

October 07 2006

Bones coming to Germany. The German TV station RTL announced that they will air two episodes of 'Bones' every thursday at 9.15pm, starting with the show's pilot on October 19 (German text).

August 25 2006

David Boreanaz on Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show Tonight on CBS. So feel free to post here anything interesting he might have to say. And hat-tip to Karolina for the prompt.

July 07 2006

David Boreanaz will be at Comic-Con on July 21st. He'll be at Room 20 at 3pm (after the Battlestar Galactica panel). He and the executive producer of "Bones" will talk about what will happen when the second season starts in August.

August 30 2005

David Boreanaz To Star In New "Trek"? According to "CanMag" David could be in the running for a part in the Star Trek prequel movie that's in production. More...

July 20 2005

Trailer for The Crow: Wicked Prayer. This trailer for The Crow: Wicked Prayer (and some other movies) is pretty interesting. It does not show many scenes with DB, but it gives a glimpse.

June 26 2005

The "Bones" of Kathy Reichs' web site. Links to the portion of Kathy Reichs' own Web site that is devoted to "Bones". Includes pictures of the cast members and lists TV and movie credits.

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