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"Sometimes I like to crumble up the weetabix in the blood."
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September 17 2010

Locked and Loaded: Chatting with Eliza Dushku. STUFFBoston talks to Eliza about "Locked In" (premiering tonight at The Boston Film Festival), getting ready to turn 30, and her love of all things Boston.

June 15 2010

Three cities holding CSTS Charity Screenings this week. Have fun in Lawrence, KS 6/16, Boston, MA 6/18 & 6/19 and Albuquerque, NM 6/19. More...

September 10 2009

'On Broadway' now on Hulu. The indie flick that won quite a few awards co-stars Eliza.

June 09 2009

New Eliza Movie: Valediction. Filming in Boston. Also stars Ben Barnes who played Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia. More...

June 02 2009

Eliza Dushku to Shoot New Flick in Boston. Eliza lets her @followers know she will be shooting a new movie this month. More...

February 25 2009

Dollhouse: the end of Eliza's acting career (in a good way)? So she implies in this article from USA Today. More...

December 15 2007

"We have something else, we got crazy eyes". A clip of Joss' ace speech in Boston has made its way onto YouTube. If you want more coverage of the strike rally, then click here for a video from The Cambridge Chronicle. Amongst other things, there's an interview with Joss himself. ETA: All the speeches, including Joss' one in full, can be found here.

December 10 2007

The Boston TV Party. "TV writers Joss Whedon, Rob Kutner and Jaime Paglia throw a "Boston TV Party" to fuel support for the picket-sidelined scribes". After the TV Party, the writers will be going to Pandemonium Books in Central Square to meet the fans and sign stuff.

April 28 2007

Eliza Dushku stars in "On Broadway". Brief article and trailer for this independent film about a carpenter-turned-playwright that is set in Boston, was filmed there, and premiered there on Thursday. Dushku was there; wonder if any other Lehane's were in attendance? News on the sold-out screening here.

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