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April 09 2015

Age of Ultron tracking for HUGE opening weekend. Deadline reports that tracking suggests The Avengers sequel will have one of the biggest openings in film history and possibly reach $200M. Update: Marvel has released the character poster for The Vision. More...

May 25 2012

The Avengers now fourth in all-time US box office. It passes Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, and that's in its first theatrical run, versus The Phantom Menace over more than one release.

May 10 2012

The Avengers holds 17 all-time box office records, so far. By the end of this weekend, according to Box Office Mojo, it will add "at least 8 more".

April 16 2012

Hollywood Reporter predicts "The Avengers" opening weekend upward of $150M. The Marvel Studios and Disney superhero extravaganza is generating bigger prerelease interest than "The Dark Knight" or "The Hunger Games." More...

October 15 2006

The Grudge 2 is number 1 at the box office. The Grudge 2, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (sort of), took in around 22 million dollars this weekend making it number one at the box office.

December 05 2005

Box Office Mojo News 12/5/05. "Count The Island, Serenity, Judge Dredd and Equilibrium among Aeon Flux's fellow box office casualties from the genre." Hey, at least the BDM is being remembered, eh? More...

December 02 2005

"I wanted to make a great movie" - Joss on the aftermath of Serenity. Very recent interview with Joss which deals with the box office performance, the DVD and why certain major things had to happen in the movie. There's also the latest update on those rumoured direct to DVD Buffy movies.

October 26 2005

Serenity reaches $9M at overseas box office. Seven countries are reporting takings so far. More...

October 24 2005

Third Week of Box Office Takings in Australia. UIP posted this earlier at Serenity Oz. More...

October 22 2005

Serenity makes $300k estimated on Friday compared to $717k last Friday. More...

October 20 2005

Serenity drops to 871 US theatres tomorrow. 838 theatres drop Serenity. She's in my heart, and in my mind.
(SPOILER) Serenity shuffles off this mortal coil. Scott Nance over at SyFy Portal does a post-mortem on the movie's box office performance.

October 19 2005

Box Office Mojo reviews Serenity international performance. "Serenity displayed some relatively strong holds. The sci-fi thriller had a $2 million weekend internationally, led by the U.K.'s $868,664-a drop of 39 percent for a $3.3 million total there. Russia was the picture's sole opening, grossing a respectable $711,201 from 232 screens. Next weekend, Serenity lands in France and Spain." Serenity actually opens in France today.

October 17 2005

Serenity drops to 6th place for its second British weekend. The movie took just over 490,000 pounds with a drop off of 40% from the first weekend. In total, the movie has now taken 1.86 million pounds in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In Australia, the movie finished in 9th place for the past weekend.

October 16 2005

Serenity's third US Box Office weekend performance. Box Office Mojo estimates that the movie took $2,282,000 from Friday to Sunday. A drop off of 57.4% from last weekend. More...

October 15 2005

'Serenity' drops out of the Top Ten for Friday 14th. It's currently at #12 and took an estimated $710,000. The Maggie Grace/Tom Welling horror remake 'The Fog' has taken the top spot. More...

October 10 2005

"Serenity's" 2nd Weekend Actual: $5.35 million. In its second weekend, "Serenity" manages a 47% drop to $5.35 million.
Serenity goes in at #1 in the UK for its opening weekend. And it took the highest gross per screen as well.

October 09 2005

Estimates for Saturday's and Sunday's USA box office. Saturday went really well, with only a 40% drop-off from last week. The total gives a drop-off of 51% for the weekend. More...

October 08 2005

Serenity's second Friday Box Office performance. Whedon's film pulls in an estimated $1.51 million for its second Friday, dropping down to ninth place.
Serenity takes 2nd place at the UK box office for Friday. Very narrowly beaten by 'Pride and Prejudice'. There is a good chance that Serenity could take the number one slot for its British opening weekend (reg req).

October 07 2005

Box Office Mojo's weekend estimate is now out. They are expecting a large drop. Box Office Mojo estimates that Serenity will make $4.8 million and be in 7th place for the weekend.

October 05 2005

Serenity Now. Joss Whedon talks to CO-ED Magazine about Serenity and hints at a future for the Buffyverse.

October 04 2005

Monday's box office for Serenity. Hopefully we will continue to make more each day.

October 02 2005

Serenity Moseys to Tame Start. ""We are satisfied," Rocco[Universal's head of distribution] said. "The opening is where we thought it would be. The fan base turned out. We're hoping more will turn out in the future. I think over $10 million is a lot of business for a niche appeal picture, and I think the ancillary [DVD, etc.] will be spectacular."
Joss wants to know how to get the message out. "Yes, the second weekend will tell all, as we've always known." Reg Req.
"Flightplan" is 1 and "Serenity" is 2. Reuters reports weekend business at the box office. More...

October 01 2005

Overnight data shows Serenity takes 3.9m at the box office on Friday coming in 2nd for the day, after Jodi Foster's "Flightplan". It beats "The Corpse Bride", "A History of Violence" and "Into The Blue". This is excellent news, as it puts the predictions on target. It also has the 2nd highest person count after "A History of Violence". It is important people go to see the movie tonight and Sunday. Update: New figures show Serenity took $4.2m. Update 2: Box Office Mojo show $3.9m again.

September 30 2005 forecast for the weekend. Serenity leads with 15.0 millions, followed by Flightplan (13.5) and Into the Blue (11.3).

September 29 2005

Box Office Guru Predicts Serenity's Opening. They say it could open at number one with about 16 million.

September 27 2005

Serenity's Weekend Projections This Weekend at Comingsoon. The Weekend Warrior predicts how much money Serenity will make this weekend.

August 12 2005

Box Office guru David Poland on Sept 30 "...really the first interesting weekend of the fall season" More...

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