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June 29 2015

Brad Meltzer talks about Buffy with Kevin Smith. During the live video streaming of the Fatman on Batman podcast, Brad tells of his experiences working with Joss on the Twilight arc of the Season 8 comics. More...

March 22 2011

Brad Meltzer on the Nerdist podcast. The author of the controversial "Twilight" arc from the Season 8 Buffy comics joins Chris Hardwick and company to discuss writing, the hardships of comedy and his show, "Decoded". More...

January 12 2011

Word Balloon podcast speaks with Brad Meltzer about his work on Buffy Season 8. The relevant section starts around 50" of the interview, he talks about planning and writing his arc and it includes a quote that might strengthen season 8 detractors.

October 06 2010

Buffy Season 8 Volume 7: 'Twilight' tpb out this week. It collects issue 31, Brad Meltzer's controversial arc (issues 32-35) and the Willow one-shot.

June 25 2010

Brad Meltzer talks about Joss Whedon and Buffy Season 8. If you haven't yet read his Twilight arc (issues 32 - 35) and are waiting for the trade paperback, you best stay away.

May 07 2010

(SPOILER) CBR's Behind Buffy Season 8: "The Power of Love". Brad Meltzer talks about Buffy #35 with CBR.

May 05 2010

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #35. It's the final part of Brad Meltzer's much-talked about Twilight arc. And if you're interested, he'll be taking questions about his Buffy run on Twitter today. Brad also talks about the issue in the second part of his Buffyfest interview.

May 03 2010

(SPOILER) io9 interview with Buffy Season 8 writer Brad Meltzer. Some minor spoilers about what to expect (one-liners, and a teasing "I will reveal nothing").

April 09 2010

(SPOILER) Behind Buffy Season 8: "The Sex Issue". CBR continues with its on-going series of taking a look behind-the-scenes of Buffy Season 8.

April 07 2010

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #34. It's the third part of Brad Meltzer's Twilight arc. Are you on tenterhooks to find out what happens next?

April 05 2010

(SPOILER) MTV Splash Page Buffy Season 8 interview with Brad Meltzer. Talks of 'the final taboo' in the Buffyverse. Includes (NSFW?) preview panel from this week's issue #34.

March 05 2010

(SPOILER) Brad Meltzer talks Buffy's Twilight to Comic Book Resources. A very extensive interview about the last two issues, with obvious massive spoilers if you haven't read the last issue.

March 03 2010

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #33. It's the second part of Brad Meltzer's Twilight arc (and yes it's that issue, the one everyone has been waiting for).

March 01 2010

(SPOILER) Newsarama interview with Brad Meltzer. Coincides with this week's release of Season 8 #33. Note: interview does not name Twilight's true identity, but enough clues to figure it out. Includes some pages from the issue.

February 01 2010

(SPOILER) How Buffy got her groove back. says Brad Meltzer's writing debut in Buffy #32 "is a return to form for the series".

January 11 2010

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #32 preview. Courtesy of Newsarama.

December 23 2009

Brad Meltzer discusses his work on the penultimate arc of Buffy Season 8. The latest IGN Comics Buffy Season 8 comics interview features Brad Meltzer.

June 03 2009

Brad Meltzer talks a bit about his Buffy Season 8 arc. "(...)the plotting is moving along. The ending is gonna be just... goodies."

September 22 2008

Ask Brad Meltzer. The Buffy season 8 writer and Book of Lies author takes your questions today at 3:00 East Coast USA time, noon Pacific time. More...

September 18 2008

(SPOILER) The shape of things to come in Buffy Season 8. Joss (and Brad) drops some hints about future plots.

August 27 2008

Wordballoon podcast interviews Brad Meltzer. He discusses among his various projects, his upcoming arc in Buffy Season 8. More...

August 18 2008

Lying In The Gutters unveils new Joss rumour. A trailer starring Joss Whedon, Damon Lindeloff and Brad Meltzer? ETA - It's Brad Meltzer's Book of Lies Trailer.

August 15 2007

"Buffy is exciting, really exciting". Best selling author Brad Meltzer comments on his Buffy season 8 writing gig.

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