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February 24 2017

Bradley Whitford's new horror movie "Get Out" is certified fresh 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The "Cabin in the Woods" star and Drew Goddard stand-in character, acts in the new horror movie, highlighted for its social commentary on race, written and directed by Jordan Peele, "Get Out".

June 01 2015

Two Whedonverse actors take home Critics Choice Awards. Both Bradley Whitford and Sarah Paulson were honored for their performances in Transparent and American Horror Story, respectively.

November 14 2014

Bradley Whitford cast in Showtime pilot. "Happyish" also stars Steve Coogan and Kathryn Hahn.

February 07 2014

Eliza Dushku, Bradley Whitford and Joel David Moore join Gregg Allman biopic 'Midnight Rider'. The movie is expected to be shooting this month in Savannah, Georgia. More...

December 20 2012

Bradley Whitford to guest on "Go On". He will reunite with his "Studio 60" co-star Matthew Perry.

October 29 2012

Bradley Whitford cast in ABC Comedy Pilot. "The Trophy Wife" will co-star Malin Akerman.

April 11 2012

(SPOILER) Joss talks about working on Cabin and a lot of behind the scenes stuff. A lot of subjects are covered and very mildly spoilery. Also, check out the talks from director Drew Goddard and cast members: Richard Jenkins, Kristen Connoly, Jesse Williams, Fran Kranz, Amy Acker, Anna Hutchison, Bradley Whitford, Brian White and Chris Hemsworth. Plus, there's also some Behind the the scenes footage.

January 29 2012

Bradley Whitford talks about The Cabin in the Woods. He says the movie is "a very original smart take on a very popular genre, and Joss just has a wild kind of wind-tossed imagination" and then discusses why he wouldn't want his kids to see it.

December 11 2010

Bradley Whitford on working with Joss and Drew on 'The Cabin in the Woods'. "I love them. Joss is one of those people I'd work for any time. They have a fierce vision, it's a fierce, crazy, wonderful movie and I loved working with them".

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