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March 08 2008

(SPOILER) James Marsters' return to "Smallville." March 27th episode info, images, and future episodes. On the same page: previously seen Dark Horse solicitations for June.

December 03 2007

(SPOILER) Pics from upcoming Smallville featuring James Marsters. Kryptonsite has a nice slideshow from the upcoming episode 'Persona'.

March 29 2006

(SPOILER) Michael Ausiello posts Brainiac spoilers for SMALLVILLE finale. Also, in another link, Allison Mack (Smallville's Chloe) really really loves James.

October 27 2005

People Magazine Celebrity Spotlight on James Marsters. Get the lowdown on the Buffy star-turned Smallville villain.

October 23 2005

Bob Rivers Radio Show Interviews James Marsters. Discusses his British accent, producing theatre in Seattle, and his new role on Smalleville.

October 20 2005

James Marsters Radio Interview. Our favorite blondie-bear gives a seven minute phone interview on The Hot Morning Show about Brainiac, GotR, Macbeth and even his NEW MOVIE ROLE. More...

October 09 2005

(SPOILER) James Marsters talks about Brainiac. "I'm trying to get him to step up and be more than he thinks he is." And UK fans of James Marsters will be pleased to know that his TV Movie 'Cool Money' will be out on DVD on December 5th.

August 31 2005

Three 30 second conversations with James Marsters. The person who runs the multimedia project was in Toronto at SFX and used her autograph time to ask some questions of Mr. Marsters. Including his thoughts on the impact of the library project.

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