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July 07 2016

Brian K. Vaughan talks about being influenced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Buffy Season 8 writer also chats about his comic book 'Saga', diversity, and fixing injustice in the comic book industry.

March 14 2012

Saga #1 debuts today. Buffy comic writer, creator of Runaways and all-around Joss Whedon fan, Brian K. Vaughan debuts his new series "Saga" today. More...

November 08 2011

Brian K. Vaughan will adapt Steven King's 'Under The Dome'. The Buffy Season 8 writer is adapting it for Showtime.

December 08 2008

2009 Writers Guild Awards Nominees Announced. Danny Strong is nominated by his peers for "Recount." Plus, lots of familiar names are up for their respective shows: Drew Goddard, Brian K. Vaughan, Marti Noxon, and Zack Whedon. Congratulations to them all!

June 16 2008

May 2008 comics sales charts are released. Joss' books do very well, and Season 8 tops the trade paperback charts. More...

May 22 2008

Runaways headed for the big screen. Brian K. Vaughan will write the movie adaptation for Marvel Studios.

February 12 2008

"An entire world of (perhaps unsuitable for work)". Comic Book Resources has more quotes from Y: The Last Party plus a few more shots of Joss doing karaoke. More...

February 09 2008

Wizard Magazine's coverage of the "Y: The Last Man" wrap party. Joss was the keynote speaker at last night's event. Pics of him, Brian K. Vaughan and indeed Grant Morrison can be found here (MySpace account required to view). And if you want even more coverage, io9 also has a feature about the party.

February 07 2008

(SPOILER) Tonight on Lost - it's a Drew Goddard/Brian K. Vaughan episode. That's two Buffy writers for the price of one. More...

January 17 2008

Celebrate 'Y: The Last Man' with Brian K. Vaughan and Joss Whedon. To mark the last issue of Brian's epic saga, 'Y: The Last Party' will be held at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles on February 8th. Joss will be the keynote speaker at the event and all proceeds will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

December 05 2007

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #9. The last part of Brian K. Vaughan's 'No Future For You" season 8 arc hits the comic book stores today. Pull up a chair and tell us what you thought of this Buffy story. More...

December 04 2007

(SPOILER) Six page preview for Buffy #9. The final part of Brian K. Vaughan's Faith arc comes out tomorrow.

November 07 2007

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #8. The third part of Brian K. Vaughan's Buffy Season 8 "No Future For You" arc hit the stores today. Come tell us what you thought of it. More...

November 05 2007

Buffy season 8 writer Brian K. Vaughan explains WGA strike. On his MySpace blog, Brian K. Vaughan talks about what's behind the Writers Guild strike, how it affects comic books (he has more time for them now), comic book adaptations, and his work as a writer and co-producer on "Lost" for this season. More...

October 03 2007

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #7. So what did you think of the second part of Brian K. Vaughan's Faith-centric "No Future For You" arc? More...
Buffy Season 8 # 7 out today. The issue hits your friendly neighborhood comic store today. Spoilers indicated are very mild, at best. More...

September 08 2007

Runaways Saga to become available as an audio book. This covers the first forty-two issues of Runaways, as written of course by current Buffy season 8 writer Brian K. Vaughan, and leading into Joss' run. Commence fantasy casting... now! More...

September 06 2007

Joss interviews Brian K. Vaughan. Which character, other than Faith, does Brian love? Which Scooby and Runaway would he team up? Click and witness this shameless display of graphic nerdity.
(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #6. So was it five by five? Tell us what you thought of Brian K. Vaughan's Buffy debut. And hey how about that panel on the second last page? More...

September 03 2007

(SPOILER) Slayer 101 - Gotta have Faith. Wizard Magazine brings us up to speed on Faith's past and drops some hints for her upcoming arc in Buffy season 8.

August 23 2007

(SPOILER) Talking Faith and Buffy season 8 with Brian K. Vaughan. You've seen his preview, now read his Newsarama interview. It's very good indeed (especially for the reveal of what could be the title for Buffy Season 8).
(SPOILER) Six page preview for Buffy #6. This first part of Brian K. Vaughan's "No Future For You" Buffy season 8 arc will come out on September 5th.

August 15 2007

(SPOILER) Buffy #8 cover revealed. Very intense Jo Chen artwork. This third part of Brian K. Vaughan's Buffy season 8 arc "No Future For You" will be out on November 7th. More...

July 20 2007

Buffy, the Gateway Comic Book. The Buffy Season 8 comic is responsible for bringing in more non-comic book readers than any other comic in a long time. More...

July 03 2007

Quick mention of Runaways at The A.V. Club. More...

March 29 2007

2006 Eagle Awards. Polls are open, and "Astonishing X-Men" and Brian K. Vaughan are both up for awards. More...

December 24 2006

(SPOILER) Scary New Year's wishes. Editor Scott Allie talks Horror at Dark Horse in 2007, with Buffy Season 8 leading the charge.

November 10 2006

Buffy more like a comic book than Heroes says Brian K. Vaughan. The critically acclaimed comic book writer tells "Buffy is like a guy who loves comic books doing a TV show, and Heroes feels like a guy who loves television doing a comic book.".

October 13 2006

Brian K. Vaughan loves Whedon's first Runaways issue. From Broken Frontier's interview with BKV: "I just read Joss Whedon’s first Runaways script, and it was so goddamn good, it makes me want to set my stupid Powerbook on fire". More...

October 11 2006

Joss and Brian K. Vaughan talk Runaways. Joss and Brian chat about how they started collaborating and give a brief idea of what's in store for the Runaways (spoilers for upcoming issues). More...

September 19 2006

(SPOILER) Marvel Comics Solicitations for December, 2006. Hopefully, just in time for Christmas. Solicitation for Astonishing X-Men #20, the second part of "Unstoppable". More...

September 11 2006

Joss Whedon on RUNAWAYS. As many predicted, Joss will take over Runaways starting with issue 25. Now with a post by Joss. Uh, and a 2nd public service message by Joss as well. Alright, 4 Joss posts altogether now (and a Brian K. Vaughan post as well). There's also big interviews with Joss about Runaways over at Newsarama and Comic Book Resources.

May 12 2006

Other people name-drop Buffy and Joss. A round up of whose bringing up Joss and the Buffyverse in interviews. First up, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence chats about Buffy's cult following. Then Rob Thomas briefly notes the difference between Buffy and Veronica Mars (spoilers for VM season 2). Brian K. Vaughan mentions Joss and Astonishing X-Men. And finally vampire authors Serena Robar and Mari Mancusi chat about their love of Buffy. More...

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