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October 28 2011

Puss in Boots is in Theaters Today. The screenplay was written by Angel scribe Brian Lynch. More...

August 19 2011

Brian Lynch and Franco Urru tackle teenage mutant ninja turtle Raphael. The creative team behind a bunch of IDW's canonical "Spike" and "Angel" comics have been announced as writer and artist for IDW's microseries about the famously short-tempered mutant turtle (Hamato) Raphael. More...

May 11 2011

'Tying up Loose Ends' - a review/recap of the last three issues of 'Spike'. If you haven't been reading them, you've been missing out. LiveJournal's shadowkat67 looks at the major happenings.

April 01 2011

Brian Lynch's 'Hop' premieres today. Happy Easter/(not)April Fools!

February 09 2011

The Trailer for "Hop" written by Brian Lynch, is now online. Via Bleeding Cool. More...

January 19 2011

Brian Lynch talks about Angel, Joss, and his current projects. In this interview, Lynch talks about pretty much everything he's ever written. More...

December 01 2010

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch reveals a page from Spike #5. Featuring a major spoiler for those who haven't been following spoilers for this series.

November 06 2010

(SPOILER) Five page preview of Spike #2. Brought to you by Buffyfest.

October 13 2010

(SPOILER) Spike #1 gets released today. As does Angel vs Frankenstein II. Come discuss them both.

October 01 2010

Spike #1 to get exclusive New York Comic Con cover. It's a wrap-around cover and will be available at the IDW booth from the 8th to 10th of October.

September 14 2010

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch talks about his upcoming Spike mini-series. "I'm looking at this as what would happen if Spike headlined his own TV show."

August 31 2010

Angel: After The Fall: Premiere Edition gets listed on The hardcover collects the seventeen issues of Brian Lynch's run. More...

July 01 2010

(SPOILER) Spike #1 Q&A at Slayalive. Brian Lynch is doing a Q&A for the upcoming Spike ongoing (which will be solicited next month). More...

June 07 2010

(SPOILER) Cover art for the upcoming Spike series. And there's some teasers about what to expect from Brian Lynch and Franco Urru's new IDW series.

December 23 2009

(SPOILER) Angel Annual: Last Angel in Hell discussion. The last "Angel" comic from Lynch and Mooney hits today as does the last issue of the Angel: Only Human mini-series.

December 20 2009

(SPOILER) Preview pages for the new Angel comics out Wednesday. Comics Continuum has preview pages for both Angel comics out on December 23: Angel: Last Angel in Hell Annual #1 and Angel: Only Human #5. More...

October 30 2009

(SPOILER) Interview with Brian Lynch about 'Last Angel in Hell' aka Angel Annual #1. Brian Lynch: 'the whole movie is very Jerry Bruckheimeresque'.

October 14 2009

(SPOILER) Buffyfest blog interviews Brian Lynch about all things Angel. Part 1 of 2 covering Angel #26, #27 and the Angel Annual.

October 07 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #26. It's written by Brian Lynch, with artwork by Stephen Mooney. The story looks like it could be a classic.

September 30 2009

"Last Angel in Hell" fan-vid contest. Fun contest from Brian Lynch and Stephen Mooney - Angel 'Be Kind Rewind' style! More...

September 16 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #25. It's the second part of Dru's adventures in Los Angeles (as penned by Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau). More...

September 12 2009

(SPOILER) First look at Angel #25. The second part of Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau's Drusilla tale comes out next week.

August 05 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #24. Juliet Landau and Brian Lynch's highly anticipated Drusilla two-parter kicks off in this issue.

July 27 2009

(SPOILER) Advance peek at some of Brian Lynch's covers. For us mortals who didn't get to see them at Comic Con.

July 16 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview of Angel #24. This is the first part of the Drusilla story which is penned by Juliet Landau and Brian Lynch.

July 01 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #23. Fan favourites Lynch and Urru return for this Gunn/Illyria one-shot.

June 25 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview for Angel #23. Written by Brian Lynch, this issue will be out next Wednesday.

May 26 2009

Brian Lynch posts Stephen Mooney's take on a Whedonverse movie. Given the furor over the non-Jossian 'Buffy' movie, Brian and friends give us a unique take on what an 'Angel' movie would look like sans Joss.

April 27 2009

(SPOILER) IDW's Angelverse comic books for July. There's the Brian Lynch penned Angel #23, the fourth volume of After The Fall and the highly anticpated crossover with Fallen Angel as well.

April 23 2009

Brian Lynch interview in "IDW The First Decade". Read the fab Angel feature from the soon to be released book that celebrates IDW's first ten years. More...

March 28 2009

Spike: After the Fall is featured on the New York Times Graphic Book Best Seller List. Congratulations to Brian Lynch and Franco Urru!

March 11 2009

Angel: After The Fall Vol 3 out today. Also getting released is the debut issue of John Byrne's mini-series 'Angel: Blood and Trenches'.

February 11 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #17. All good things...
(SPOILER) A sneak peek at the cover of Angel #24 - as modelled by the great Franco Urru. So *that's* what he looks like:)

February 08 2009

(SPOILER) Buffyfest video interview with Brian Lynch. Excellent and spoilerific interview with the Angel+Spike writer. Lots of teases and spoilers-you have been warned!

February 06 2009

(SPOILER) IDW announces major news for the Angelverse. A new Spike series by Brian Lynch and a Dru two-parter by Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau! Also more details about Illyria appearing in Fallen Angel.

January 21 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After the Fall #16. Brian Lynch says "It features my favorite scene in the entire series".

January 14 2009

(SPOILER) First look at Angel: After The Fall #16. There's a five page preview of the penultimate chapter and another opportunity to look at that gorgeous cover art. ETA: The preview pages have been pulled. According to Brian Lynch, "They were never supposed to go up."

December 29 2008

Brian Lynch has finished Angel:After The Fall. "It was a long, fun, stressful, insanely rewarding road."

December 17 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #15. How will the huge cliffhanger from the last issue get resolved?

November 27 2008

ANGEL:ATF wins one of Wizard Magazine's Moments of the year. *That* last page of issue #3 is singled out for kudos.

October 22 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After the Fall #13. Previously on Angel: "I'm ready to go". Find out what happened next.

September 14 2008

(SPOILER) IDW unveil their Angelverse comic books for December. Let see's what we've got. There's Angel: After The Fall #15, Angel: Smile Time #1 and Spike: After The Fall #1 (Comic-Con Edition).
(SPOILER) Spike: After the Fall #4 Finished! Brian Lynch's latest blog update includes cover art and a lightly spoilery description for the final chapter. Issue 3 should come out this week.

September 04 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #12. Brian Lynch promises us "a big, messy, violent, heartbreaking, funny, emotional treat".

August 28 2008

Brian Lynch answers YOUR questions at SlayAlive. Mr. Lynch started a Q&A thread inspired by working on an upcoming "Angel" issue. Jump in and get your questions answered More...

August 13 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #11. Events come to a head, will Angel and co survive?

August 10 2008

Covers for Angel After The Fall #11. Brian shows us on his blog the final result for both no.11's covers. The variant is by Stephen Mooney.

August 06 2008

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Spike: After the Fall #2. The second issue of Spike's adventures in Hell-A arrives today! More...

July 29 2008

More info on IDW's post 'Angel: After The Fall' storyline. As of #17, the title will become 'Angel: Aftermath' with fantasy author Kelley Armstrong joining the writing team. And industry legend John Byrne will be presenting 'Angel: Blood and Trenches', a standalone mini-series set in World War One. More...

July 12 2008

(SPOILER) First look at Spike: After The Fall #1. Newsarama has a five page preview of Spike's adventures in hell.

July 02 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #10. What next for the Fang Gang? More...

June 19 2008

IDW releases press blurb for Spike: After The Fall. There's some great quotes from Brian Lynch to be had. In related IDW news, here's some superb cover art for Angel: After The Fall #13.

June 18 2008

(SPOILER) Preview for today's release of Angel: After The Fall #9. The main story resumes after the First Night interlude. Come tell us what you thought of the issue.

June 17 2008

Angel: After the Fall #9 out Wednesday. Just a heads up.

June 10 2008

(SPOILER) Five page preview for Angel: After The Fall #8. This issue comes out tomorrow and then issue 9 will be out in a fortnight (or maybe even next week).

June 01 2008

Details about the first 'Angel: After The Fall' hardcover. Brian Lynch spills the beans.

May 23 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch answers more ATF questions. It is the second part of the podcast. Includes Brian's favourites in several categories and spoilers about two certain blondes. More...

May 07 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #7. The 'First Night' interlude continues as we find out more about what happened after 'Not Fade Away'. And preview pages for this issue can be found over at Newsarama.

April 20 2008

Bid for 'Angel: After The Fall' comics signed by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch. Some of the proceeds will go towards Equality Now.

April 15 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch shows cover for Spike ATF #2. Brian returns to his blog with two new entries detailing the progress on Angel ATF 8 and reveals Urru's quite piss-taking cover for Spike's spinoff. Angel must feel the vitriol:-).

April 06 2008

(SPOILER) Info and cover art for IDW's After The Fall comic books in July. Comics Continuum has the details for Angel: After The Fall #10 and Spike: After The Fall #1.

April 02 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #6. The start of the First Night interlude, find out what happened on the night of Not Fade Away.

April 01 2008

(SPOILER) Preview page from Angel:First Night (Issue 6) which is released tomorrow. A new page from the story that is drawn by comic book legend John Byrne.

March 27 2008

(SPOILER) Alex Garner's cover for 'Angel: After the Fall' #10 revealed. In Brian Lynch's Myspace blog. More...

March 21 2008

(SPOILER) Another round of Q-and-A with Brian Lynch. Brian once again opens the floor for questions about his projects, including Angel: After The Fall, Spike: After The Fall, and Everybody's Dead. Spoilers are certain to abound in the questions.

March 19 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #5. Big cliffhanger? No doubt. Stunning revelations? More than likely. So come and tell us what you thought of the latest chapter of Angel's adventures. More...
(SPOILER) Icv2 reveals new details of Spike: After The Fall. We get some intriguing new tidbits about Spike's road to Hugh Hefner-hood and Beta George's role in First Night.

March 17 2008

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for 'Angel: After The Fall' #8 and #9. These issues will be out in June along with the first hardcover collection of the series.

March 14 2008

Brian Lynch updates on length of Angel After The Fall. A confirmation that the series will run for more than the previously announced 12 issues.

March 11 2008

Chris Ryall hints at two new Brian Lynch series. IDW's editor previews cover art for Everybody's Dead and announces Brian will start two "somethings".. could one be an Angel continuation ? Meanwhile over at his Myspace blog, Brian gives an update on the writing progress for Angel: After The Fall.

March 07 2008

Art for "Angel: After The Fall #1 - The Director's Cut". Cover art by Alex Garner. More...

February 26 2008

(SPOILER) Review of Angel #1-4. The faniffic Mark Stoddard of The Nexus reviews the first four issues of Angel Season 6, with references to Buffy Season 8 and what it meant to continue the series. More...

February 23 2008

(SPOILER) 'Angel: After The Fall ' #1 Director's Cut Edition out in May. It'll have "Brian Lynch's complete script and his writer's annotations". IDW have also released plot info for issue 7 as well. And if that doesn't whet your appetite, then pop over to SlayAlive to have a look at the fan-inspired limited edition covers for issues 6 and 7.

February 02 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch answers your Angel questions-Part 2. Brian answers more questions in a podcast available at his blog. More...

January 23 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch Answers More Questions About Angel: After The Fall. In a humorous and informative podcast from his Myspace page. More...

January 21 2008

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for December. Buffy #9 took 12th place and Angel: After The Fall #2 came in at no. 52 (ETA: Estimated figures for how many copies got shipped are now available).

January 20 2008

Angel: After the Fall exclusive #5 cover. The BCC exclusive cover that features two very powerful women. More...

January 17 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch opens the floor again for "Angel: After The Fall" questions. Big spoilers for anyone not caught up through ATF #3 in the questions that have already been asked. More...

January 14 2008

Angel: After the Fall #3 shipping this week. Along with 3rd printing of #1 and 2nd printing of #2. More...

January 08 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch answers more questions about "Angel: After the Fall" and other stuff. On his Myspace, and in stereo (where available). More...

December 21 2007

Insanely Rare AFTER THE FALL Issue 1 Cover Being Auctioned! There are only 200 of these, and this is the only one signed by Brian Lynch!

December 19 2007

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for 'Angel: After The Fall' #5. This issue will be out in March.

December 13 2007

(SPOILER) Four page preview for 'Angel: After The Fall' #2. This issue will be out on December 19th.

November 29 2007

(SPOILER) 'Angel: After the Fall' #2 and #3 - Preview Pencil Panels. Chris Ryall gives fans a treat in the wake of the excellent news about 'Angel: AtF' going to a third printing. Spoilers are minor IF (and only IF) you've read Issue 1.

November 28 2007

Angel: After The Fall #1 goes to third printing. IDW issue a press release to mark the success of the first issue. And the cover art for the third printing can be found here.
(SPOILER) Answered! (With Brian Lynch). Brian Lynch answers Angel: After The Fall questions on his Myspace blog. More...

November 26 2007

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for 'Angel: After The Fall' #4. And the first trade paperback for this series looks set to be released in June (acccording to an listing).

November 20 2007

(SPOILER) Newsarama reviews 'Angel: After The Fall' #1. The highly anticipated continuation to Angel's story comes out tomorrow.

November 13 2007

Brian Lynch signing at Meltdown Comics November 21st. Noon to 2 pm! Angel: After the Fall will be released Nov 21st, and this will be a great opportunity to meet the writer, and give him a hard time! More...

November 07 2007

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch interviewed about 'Angel: After the Fall'. Comic Book Resources interviews Brian Lynch and shows some pages of 'Angel: After the Fall' which will hit the stands November 21st (I can't wait!).

October 17 2007

(SPOILER) IDW release cover art and info for 'Angel: After The Fall' #3. The covers have been seen before but there's some teasing plot info to speculate over.

October 12 2007

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch talks Angel: After The Fall. Big spoiler laden interview (so if you don't want to know about the plot lines for certain characters, best avoid).

October 09 2007

Latest press release for 'Angel: After The Fall'. It includes some new info about the one-shots that will tie in with the mini-series.

September 18 2007

(SPOILER) Positive Press for "Angel: After the Fall". With the release of the preview pages, Angel: After the Fall is beginning to garner the attention of the mainstream press. More...

September 17 2007

(SPOILER) Preview pages for 'Angel: After the Fall' #1. AICN has an exclusive look at the first 5 pages.

September 15 2007

(SPOILER) IDW releases info and cover art for 'Angel: After The Fall' #2. This issue will be out in December.

September 05 2007

(SPOILER) Panel from Angel: After the Fall. Brian Lynch has posted a panel from Angel: After the Fall on his Myspace blog.

August 25 2007

(SPOILER) First look at the variant cover for 'Angel: After the Fall' #1. Has a great epic vibe to it and sets the scene nicely for the new official adventures of Angel. More...

August 19 2007

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch podcast about 'After the Fall' and more. Brian Lynch linked this podcast at his most recent MySpace blog wherein he discusses how his first issue of Angel: After the Fall would have blown the budget for the TV show's entire budget for the year. More...

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