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"I will eat your dripping hearts!"
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January 13 2007

In Real Life - A documentary about Bronzers; the residents of the official BtVS/Angel message board. Ten years ago (yikes!) The Bronze opened and the first BtVS fans found each other online. This documentary explores the real life, life long relationships that grew from the board and spilled over into "Real Life." More...

February 14 2004

Joss Whedon posts at the Bronze. "No, we had no idea this was coming. Yes, we will finish out the season. No, I don't think the WB is doing the right thing. Yes, I'm grateful they did it early enough for my people to find other jobs. Yes, my heart is breaking." More...

May 21 2003

Joss Whedon posts at the Bronze Beta. "I see now that I was shackled by Buffy, and now I'm free. Which, oddly enough, is not how I feel." More...

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