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March 12 2014

Happy Anniversary to Wonderfalls! The quirky series from creator, Bryan Fuller (as if there was only one) premiered on Fox 10 years ago today!

October 15 2012

Gina Torres Cast in Bryan Fuller's Hannibal. She'll be playing the wife to her real life husband Laurence Fishburne. Per the article, she'll continue with her Suits role.

July 28 2008

(SPOILER) Wonderfalls crosses over to Pushing Daisies? Bryan Fuller discusses which Wonderfalls characters may show up.

October 30 2006

CBR interviews Wonderfalls creator. Bryan Fuller talks about what the future of the show might have been and the troubles with the network. Plus comments on "Dead Like Me", "Heroes", "Carrie" and "Star Trek". More...

April 15 2004

Wonderfalls creator Bryan Fuller signs two-year deal with 20th Century Fox TV to develop new shows while possibly working on an existing series.

March 19 2004 interviews Bryan Fuller, co-creator of Wonderfalls. Candid (slightly spoilery) interview that references BtVS and also reveals some of Dead Like Me's behind-the-scenes shenanigans. More...

March 09 2004

It's a Wonderfalls life. Caroline Dhavernas, Tim Minear and Byran Fuller speak to Sci Fi Weekly about the show that's getting all the hype. Some pundits reckon Wonderfalls is the new Buffy. More...

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