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July 20 2010

Douglas Fargo's Password. 33 minutes and 24 seconds in, the latest episode of Eureka contains a shout out reference to Buffy. Literally. More...

August 29 2009

Jason Palmer's jumbo Serenity banner prints. Got wall? Also the Kaylee tee is now in a "breezy white, muscle tee raglan, with shimmery silver background motif". More...

July 31 2009

Hijinks Ensue comic about Jamie Bamber as Dollhouse Guest Star. Other BSG guest star ideas as part of Lo-fijinks mini-comic series this week.

March 30 2009

The Ten Best Television Series Finales. Episodes of Buffy and Angel appear in the list from Blogcritics Magazine. Some of your other favorite shows are probably in the list too.

March 20 2009

IF Magazine interviews Tahmoh Penikett. Life in the Dollhouse and life on a Battlestar...discuss. ;-)

February 05 2009

Jane Espenson's BSG Caprica to Premiere Exclusively on DVD. More...

January 23 2009

Jane Espenson will be showrunner and co-exec producer on Caprica. According to the Chicago Tribune, she will be moving over as co-exec producer and will eventually become the showrunner. Which probably means this is her last Dollhouse episode for a while. More...

January 06 2009

Los Angeles Times interview with Jane Espenson. Fun little interview with Jane concerning her work on Buffy and BSG plus a mention of Dollhouse. More...

November 08 2008

Marian Call's new CD features Firefly (& BSG) theme. Marian's new album "Got to Fly" is inspired by Firefly/Serenity and BSG. Only 1,000 CDs will be made and are sponsored by QMX. Will be available at Burbank Firefly Con 21-22 Nov.

October 28 2008

TV Guide interviews Tahmoh Penikett. A short video of Tahmoh talking about the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica and his Dollhouse character.

October 27 2008

Creation's Salute to Firefly/Serenity goes Galactic with Jane Espenson. Jane will be doing a panel on Sunday afternoon, Nov 23rd, about writing for BSG. The panel is presented by QMX.

September 17 2008

Newsarama talks with Tahmoh Penikett about Dollhouse and BSG. "I'm looking forward to being privy to Joss Whedon's writing style".

August 22 2008

Meet Mark Sheppard. Count Gore De Vol interviews Mark, mainly about his role as Romo Lampkin on Battlestar Galactica, with occasional sidesteps into Whedonesque territory. (20 mins, on Vimeo) More...

July 29 2008

(SPOILER) Battlestar Galactica Comic-Con Panel online. Discussion of the series finale and some fun stories of the set. Tahmoh shows up near the end. More...

June 24 2008

Jane Espenson podcasts "The Hub". Jane, Ron Moore and others podcast her masterpiece BSG episode.

May 13 2007

Mark Sheppard on BSG podcast. Scifi has released a bonus podcast with Mark Sheppard and BSG writer Michael Angeli. More...

October 20 2006

Which show is the more popular? An article on the "Google Trend" graph which plots the volume of traffic on the search engine. Apparently, Buffy has held steady in search popularity years after its final episode. More...

August 31 2005

(SPOILER) Joss Credited for SF w/o Aliens. In an article on the lack of aliens in Battlestar Galactica, Joss and Firefly are recognized as "breaking the mold" by leaving aliens out of an SF show. More...

July 27 2005

Firefly: Serenity Part I Earned a 'Solid' 1.3 Rating On Sci-Fi. More...

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