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August 20 2007

DST cancels planned 6" Buffy figure series. Including the Judge wave (Oz, Drusilla and Robin Wood with a collectible multi-part Judge figure) and the Revamped series of dioramas.

March 16 2007

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 47 is the first of these regular Q&As since the announcement of the Revamped Buffy and Angel figures, and the Essence statue line, so naturally questions about them are asked and answered.

January 08 2007

BTVSFigs' Ask DST 46 confirms that the Initiative Xander figure will be coming out after all, and the Giles and Faith figures should be in stores within a month, among other things.

October 31 2006

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 45 includes confirmations of assorted previously-revealed future releases in DST's various Buffy and Angel lines, and some questions about other licences too.

September 27 2006

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 44 yields more "no" than "yes" answers to assorted queries about forthcoming Whedonian action figures, statues and other collectibles from Diamond Select Toys.

June 09 2006

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 41. This monthly-ish Q&A with the major Buffy and Angel collectible licenser naturally contains quite a few questions about the new products revealed at Wizard World Philadelphia.

May 17 2006

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 40 contains the usual mixture of straight answers and broad hints as to future plans for Buffy and Angel figures and busts.

February 17 2006

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 37 includes confirmation of which of the deluxe Angel and Spike figures have swappable arms and the grim news that licensing currently prevents a Puppet Angel action figure.

January 07 2006

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 35 includes confirmation that the Spike bust will be followed by Tara, and that the Dawn figure will be taller than Buffy's...

January 06 2006

BTVSFigs take a look at the new Spike bust. It's really more of a statue since it models him right to the waist, but never mind.

December 15 2005

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 34 includes news that one of four characters mentioned is being sculpted. But who? More...

December 02 2005

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 33 includes a few confirmations of future figure plans.

November 18 2005

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 32 includes an explanation of why Angel and Illyria are so tall compared to other figures in the line.

October 14 2005

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 31 confirms that new action figures of Xander and Cordelia are on the way, sometime after Buffy and Dawn ship to stores too late for Christmas - and that Once More With Feeling Dawn and the Buffybot will have legs.

September 19 2005

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 30 contains solid answers on figures for Gunn in the near future and a figure with the Sunnydale High Library playset- both "no".

August 12 2005

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 29. Another round of Q&A with the producers of Buffy, Angel and Serenity figures including an explanation for why Jayne can't move his legs...

July 25 2005

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 28. The latest round of Q&A with the producers of Buffy, Angel and Serenity action figures confirms a few details about their future plans.

March 28 2005

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 23. This round of Q&A with the Buffy, Angel and Serenity action figure producers confirms that one of the Fred variant figures will be Illyria.

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