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August 02 2008

Buffy the Animated Series -the pilot presentation thingy is what I think this might be. More...

July 08 2007

My wish list: Buffy Animated. A writer comments on the success of Buffy Season 8 and wonders if it could lead to a revival of the Buffy Animated series.

May 11 2006

A Buffy Animated joke courtesy of Jane Espenson. And just for good measure, here's another. More...

May 07 2006

'Buffy Animated' Designer's Take on 'Fray'. Eric Wight, the designer for the defunct 'Buffy Animated' has a new blog that reveals his own take on another slayer, Melaka Fray. Plus lots of new art for his other projects.

July 13 2005

Buffy Animated artist Eric Wight will be at Comic-Con, at table DD11. More...

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