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"Buffy: Vampires are creeps. Giles: Yes, that's why one slays them."
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August 15 2008

Buffy Between the Lines is Back! Season 2 of the award-winning podio drama Buffy Between the Lines comes down your feed Saturday, 16 Aug. More...

April 14 2008

Global Sponsors of CSTS Charity Screenings Donations listed. Prizes! More soon... More...

April 07 2008

Pink Raygun interviews the creators of Buffy Between the Lines. Great article about the fan-made audio drama, which explores the lives of the Scoobies between Buffy seasons 5 and 6. More...

October 19 2007

Reverend Kate interviews Buffy Between the Lines producer. The interview, on the KPSU radio show, "Reverend Kate's Theme of the Week.", begins about 18 minutes in. Since this week's theme was Buffy, the rest of the show is all Buffy music. More...

October 06 2007

Buffy Between The Lines episode one now online. This highly anticipated fan audio drama is set between Buffy seasons 5 and 6 and is well worth a listen. More...

June 16 2007

Audition for Buffy: Between the Lines. Fancy yourself playing Spike or Tara or even the Buffybot? Then why not audition for an upcoming serialized, podcast fanfic audio drama. There's tons of roles to choose from.

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