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April 06 2012

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon interview at The Guardian. Video interview covering The Cabin in the Woods and recent developments in the Buffy comic.

January 02 2011

Love YA Lit loves Buffy. Love YA Lit offers their "must reads' for 2011, including both Buffy and Angel.

April 03 2010

Wondercon 2010: Dark Horse confirms Buffy: Season Nine comic. "Previously, Dark Horse had announced it hoped to do a Season Nine, but now the publisher explained that not only will it definitely happen, but, unlike that of Season Eight, its story won't take three years to tell."

July 20 2007

Buffy, the Gateway Comic Book. The Buffy Season 8 comic is responsible for bringing in more non-comic book readers than any other comic in a long time. More...

April 04 2007

Dark Horse Buffy contest winner announced. Dark Horse posts the winning "How Buffy Changed My Life" essay on their MySpace blog. More...

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