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August 16 2017

Buffy movie to get a 25th anniversary release on Blu-ray and DVD. There's no word if there's going to be any new extras. This will come out on October 3rd in the US. More...

July 31 2017

The Buffy movie is 25 years old today. Oh vampires of the world beware.

July 31 2013

Time for a Buffy movie Kickstarter campaign? Sarah Michelle Gellar weighs in. She does say if there ever was the right story, she and Joss would do the movie. Though "at this point, the stake would be my walker and I would be hobbling in."

July 30 2012

The Buffy movie is 20 years old today. It came out in the States back in July 31st 1992. And if you want more nostalgia, read this MovieLine article about the movie (random trivia item: Robert Downey Jr. visited the set).

May 15 2012

Buffy Movie/Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic DVD out today. Sadly there's no cover art for this double feature. ETA: Oh yes there is! Click here to see. More...

January 11 2012

Maven of the Eventide reviews the Buffy Movie. Blip TV's first ever vampire review show takes on the Buffy movie. More...

July 16 2011

Buffy movie coming to Blu-ray in September. There's no word on what the bonus features will be.

January 13 2011

Charisma Carpenter tweets on Buffy reboot movie. Charisma Carpenter, on Joss-less Buffy movie: "Stupid". More...

May 03 2010

Emma Caulfield talks about "turning down" a 'Battlestar Galactica' role. She also discusses what she's been working on lately.

March 18 2010

Amber Benson comments on the Buffy reboot movie. She tells On The Red Carpet "And I am like it's not really Buffy without Joss. So I wouldn't be in unless he was in."

May 27 2009

Variety has more on the Buffy reboot movie. Vertigo principal Roy Lee says "Now seems like the right time, studios are looking for a franchise and vampires are relevant again" and "as a producer, I'm just trying to find a movie the studios want to make. It seems the core concept is the way to go".

April 04 2009

SMG 'in talks for Buffy movie'? Showbiz Spy seem to think so. More...

January 25 2009

Where are they now: Fran Rubel Kuzui. interviews the director of the Buffy movie who was credited as executive producer along with husband Kaz on the TV Show. More...

January 23 2009

A video of the photo shoot for the Buffy movie. Remember this? Well there's now another opportunity to gasp at the outfits and music from seventeen years ago.

December 10 2008

No Buffy movie says Tony Head. He shoots down those recent rumours. And if you were wondering about Ripper, well it seems to be dead in the water according to what Joss said in his Write Environment interview.

November 27 2008

Buffy movie rumours start to surface. Moviehole picks up on an item that appeared in today's Australian Herald-Sun newspaper.

August 21 2007

Donald Sutherland brings the ham and cheese. Sutherland's turn as Merrick in the original Buffy movie is one of 20 supporting performances Entertainment Weekly readers can't support. More...

November 27 2005

Cinematical Seven: Screen Deaths. Amilyn's long, long, very long death scene in the Buffy movie features in this memorable film deaths list. More...

July 26 2005

SMG Won't Do Buffy (According to Hubby). Kristin on the WWK message boards at E! Online, quoting FPJ that Sarah won't be doing any Buffy movies.

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