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July 11 2017

Which Buffyverse death hurts the most? Gosh, where to start?

October 20 2016

Buffyverse characters ranked by screen time. This is a fantastic IMDB list.

February 05 2015

Live Chat With Anthony Head this Saturday. Noticed on Twitter that ASH will be holding a live chat on February 7th. Details/Register at the link.

March 05 2014

The cast of Angel: 10 years on. Den of Geek explores each cast member's career since the show ended nearly 10 years ago.

January 21 2014

The 10 best 'Monster of the Week' episodes of all time. Buffy and Angel episodes both get shout-outs.

October 18 2012

Mash-up! The Buffyverse teams up with comic book characters. If you've ever wanted to see Buffy and Hit-Girl meet up, John Constantine berate Spike or Buffy fight along side her long lost brother Scott, well now's your chance.

June 22 2009

An open letter to Joss from TVOvermind. The gist: Make Buffy the kind of gigantic, multiple-series-spanning franchise that Dr. Who is. More...

January 28 2007

Buffyverse action figures pics from the UK Toy Fair. Bland, almost unrecognisable, representations of Giles, Wes and Faith. The Spike figure isn't too bad though.

August 11 2006

Slayage, Number Twenty One. Once again, some more academic Buffyverse essays. The major highlights are the first piece which looks at the history of Buffy studies and the final essay which takes a critical look at the recent Slayage conference.

May 01 2006

Sunday Night Safran talks Buffy and Firefly on Triple J. A podcast of the show, John Safran talks to Buffyologist Sue Turnbull from La Trobe University on Australia's Radio Station Triple J. Starts at about 45 minutes into the show. (Approx 28mb to download) More...

April 25 2006

Slayage Volume 20: "Beyond Slayer Slang" now online. A very special edition of the extremely readable Buffyverse academic essay series. Topics include Willow, language and Slayer slang, fan fiction and Television Without Pity.

February 05 2006

Slayage Volume 19 now online. The latest batch of academic essays about the Buffyverse is now available to read. Topics include the politics and ethics of researching Buffy and Angel, analyses of 'Hush' and 'Restless' and Buffy being Joss' first Western. Food for thought.

January 22 2006

BtVSFigs Ask Diamond 36 says all core characters will be considered for the Deluxe line, plus future figure plans.

November 21 2005

Extra goodies added to Buffyverse charity auction. There's some pics and artwork signed by the likes of David Boreanaz and Alexis Denisof etc . However there is a very unusual item up for grabs. A pic given to Andy Hallett by Sixties icon Nancy Sinatra and autographed from her to Lorne. More...

November 14 2005

Buffyverse charity auction. Various items from Booster Events now available for bidding. They're signed by the likes of Joss, Drew, Alexis, James, Tony, Julie etc. Proceeds will go to Equality Now and the Itty scholarship.

October 26 2005

Slaying Straight To DVD? According to Marti Noxon, there are serious discussions for straight to video Buffyverse adventures (via Chud).

October 06 2005

Slayage Vol. 18 now online. Some very good reading material here about the Buffyverse: the Summer's house, Cordy, Fred and Illyria and Joss' evolution of the vampire mythology and the soul all get covered. Go and have a look.

September 23 2005

Amy Acker - Joss spoke to me about resurrecting Illyria. Details from E! Online's Kristin about the Buffyverse tv movie and Amy's guest stint on Alias (scroll right down to the bottom of the page if you don't want to be spoiled for that show).

August 02 2005

First issue of Watcher Junior available to read online. It's like except all the Buffyverse articles are written by undergraduates. Anyhow go and have a look, there's an essay about the fandom which is always entertaining to read about. More...

December 12 2004

Staff writer from the OC compliments Buffyverse. Allan Heinberg, also the writer for the Marvel comic book Young Avengers, has some nice words to be shared with other Whedon fans. More...

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