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June 15 2007

Serenity Collectors launches with news of Serenity mini busts. Scroll down for a preview image of the first bust, in silhouette. More...

July 18 2006

Preview of Deluxe Willow and Kendra figures and Willow bust in's interview with Diamond Select's Chuck Terceira prior to the San Diego Comic Con.

January 27 2006

MWC reviews the Spike Bust with a number of quality photos of the surprised-looking one he got.

October 25 2005

Michael Crawford reviews Sideshow's 12" Vampire Buffy and Diamond Select's Buffy versus Dracula mini-bust over in his Movie Poop Shoot column too.

September 03 2005

MWC reviews the Ubervamp bust in his usual thorough style with a lot of excellent photos and guest reviewer Danny Mills looks at the Gentlemen Palz .

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