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August 16 2017

South Korea's Lionsgate Movie World announced to open in 2019. Although not mentioned in the news release, the theme park's official website lists The Cabin in the Woods as being one of seven Movie Zones featured.

March 13 2017

The 50 best movie monsters of all time. One creature from The Cabin in the Woods gets a mention here. Can you guess which one?

May 05 2016

Tom Lenk recreates every Meta Gala outfit (for free). Très chic, Tom.

November 22 2014

Let's get this party started, Syfy! The Cabin in the Woods premieres on the Syfy channel tonight, at 9 Eastern time. More...

August 13 2014

CSTS events in Dallas/Fort Worth, Halifax, Melbourne AU, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Portland. Serenity, Dr. Horrible, The Guild, evil laugh competitions, Battle of the Geeks and all manner of fun. More...

April 01 2014

The multi-level stereotypes of The Cabin In The Woods. Cabin in the Woods is movie of the week at The Dissolve. More...

January 23 2014

New edition of the academic journal Slayage. "We Are Not Who We Are": Critical Reflections on The Cabin in the Woods. Guest-edited by Kristopher Woofter and Jasie Stokes, this double issue features an introductory essay by the guest editors, along with nine essays on the film.

July 28 2013

Much Ado and more screening at The Schonell Theatre, UQ. Much Ado About Nothing, Cabin in the Woods, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie) and Repo! the Genetic Opera staring Anthony Stewart Head will be screening at The Schonell Theatre on The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus starting July 30. More...

June 30 2013

A bit more information about the The Cabin in the Woods haunted house. As mentioned previously, Universal Studios in Orlando is building a full Cabin set for their Halloween celebration. It will include the forest, the cabin, and the facility. Sounds awesome. More...

June 27 2013

Cabin in the Woods becomes the theme for Halloween Horror Nights 23. No details on Haunted Houses yet, but it's been officially announced. Joss and Drew's terrifying world will be brought to life by the masters at Universal Orlando. He's hit theme parks. This is big.

June 04 2013

"It's Fun Being An Asshole!": an interview with Fran Kranz. From Laura Berger at Pop Matters.

May 23 2013

Another Much Ado screening gets a Joss Q&A. Joss will be at the Arclight Hollywood for the 7:45pm screening of Much Ado About Nothing on June 7th. ETA: It sold out, so they moved it to a much larger screen, but now it is sold out again!

April 04 2013

"Big Damn Heroes" - A Whedonverse Tribute video. A tribute video from a fan for Whedon Month.

April 01 2013

How do you make an Evil Dead movie after Cabin in the Woods? Director Fede Alvarez addresses io9's questions on operating in a "post-Cabin" world. More...

March 24 2013

Constellation Awards nominees 2013. The Avengers leads the nominees for this year's Canadian SF Awards, The Constellations, with Cabin in the Woods also representing a strong showing.

February 03 2013

Geek Oscars. How the Academy Awards would look if movie nerds ran the show. More...

January 03 2013

Pajiba ranks 10 most rewatchable films of 2012 which include The Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods.

December 16 2012

EW names Joss Whedon Winner of the Decade. In looking back ten years to see who was hot then (2002) and where they are now (2012), EW recognizes what Joss has accomplished in those ten years.

December 11 2012

Both The Avengers and The Cabin in The Woods in's Top 8 Movies of 2012. A very celebrated year of Joss according to the humour site's 'For Better and Worse' list. Plus they bring up an interesting comparison between Cabin and The Expendables 2. More...

November 12 2012

Interview and breakdown of the 'The Cabin in the Woods' intro titles. A discussion with Director Drew Goddard, and Main Title Designers Jarik van Sluijs and Pamela Green of PIC Agency. Extras you won't find on the DVD/BluRay...

November 05 2012

Down In Front releases fan commentary for The Cabin In The Woods. A group of filmmakers and VFX artists (including one who worked on 3D conversion for The Avengers) share their love for the picture as they watch. Contains adult language. More...

October 31 2012

Seven horror movie characters Joss loves. Just in time for Halloween, Joss lists his seven favorite horror characters.

October 02 2012

Ain't It Cool News talks to Richard Jenkins. Quint talks to Jenkins about Cabin in the Woods.

September 29 2012

Interview with Fran Kranz about Cabin in the Woods climax. Previously unpublished quotes due to their spoilery nature. Fran talks end of movie spoilers and how he feels about what his character does.

September 13 2012

Kristen Connolly talks Cabin in the Woods. From Ain't it Cool News. Spoilers if you haven't seen it yet.
(SPOILER) Joss talks 'Cabin' Black Room with Wired. Video interview and article with spoilers from Cabin DVD/Blu-Ray extras. More...

August 18 2012

A funny cool guy. Fran Kranz talks to the New Melbourne Browncoats about Joss, Joss' fans, "Much Ado About Nothing" and more. More...

August 16 2012

Official Facebook Cabin in the Woods Monster Madness Tournament begins! Head on over to Facebook if you want to vote for your favorite creature.

August 14 2012

Making It: Fran Kranz. Riki Lindhome (Much Ado About Nothing) talks with actor Fran Kranz (Cabin in the Woods, Dollhouse, Death of a Salesman) about auspicious beginnings, being on Broadway and dealing with disappointment.

August 10 2012

Happy birthday to Chris Hemsworth! Today, the God of Thunder (or Curt) turns 29.

June 28 2012

North American "Cabin" Blu-Ray release date confirmed! According to Arrow in the Head, the North American release of The Cabin in the Woods will be September 18th, 2012 for both the DVD and Blu-Ray releases. More...

June 27 2012

Planning against the sequel. Why not every genre movie needs to be a franchise. Cabin In The Woods is cited as a prime example.

June 12 2012

GeeksOn talks Avengers and Cabin In The Woods with editor Lisa Lassek. The podcast is also available on iTunes.

May 20 2012

The Cabin in the Woods: German release pushed to September. Germans won't be able to visit the Cabin until September 14th. Link is in German but I think that shouldn't be a problem (contains official short plot-description). More...

May 13 2012

(SPOILER) The Cabin In The Woods: The Abridged Script. The Editing Room is a site that features fake, parody scripts for movies, often written by fans of said works. Sometimes not (the author for this one gives the film 4 stars). Contains adult language. More...

April 17 2012

(SPOILER) Is "Cabin in the Woods" something different, or Whedon repeating himself? Movieline's Maria Aspan claims the movie is a checklist of tropes that Joss uses in his TV shows and Dr. Horrible. The cliches she identifies includes the "banality of evil", a wise-cracking guy, and the Big Bads lurking underneath. More...

April 15 2012

Fran Kranz talks with AssignmentX about Cabin in the Woods & more. Telephone interview with Fran Kranz about "Cabin in the Woods", working with Drew Goddard, and working on "Lust For Love".

April 09 2012

Audience tracking of Cabin in the Woods is looking better. Tracking numbers are looking good; there is definite awareness and interest in the general audience for the movie. More...

March 29 2012

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon Interview: The Cabin In The Woods, The Avengers, Shakespeare... Contains slight spoilers for Cabin, but worth the read for what JW says about Much Ado about Nothing. More...

March 15 2012

A bunch of Cabin in the Woods interview videos at SXSW! <- That's Joss. Here's Drew, Bradley, Richard and Anna. Youtube's been coughing up SXSW videos left and right. Here's more: Joss & Drew, Joss & Drew, Drew, Anna, Jesse & Kristen, Anna, Joss, Drew, Richard, Bradley Anna, Jesse & Kristen, more of everyone. More...

March 09 2012

A special message from Joss about Cabin In The Woods spoilers as videoed by SFX.
(SPOILER) Two new images from 'The Cabin In The Woods'. Featuring Fran Kranz, Kristen Connolly and more questions raised.

December 05 2011

Our first look at 'The Cabin in the Woods' trailer. It's finally here, the first trailer for Joss and Drew Goddard's horror film, 'The Cabin in the Woods', at long last freed from development hell.

July 20 2011

The Cabin In The Woods gets a release date! Set for release April 13, 2012. Finally! ETA: The press release (which includes quotes from Joss and Drew) can be found here.

May 19 2011

Jesse Williams talks about his work on Cabin In The Woods. In the interview with AssignmentX, he talks about working with Whedon and Goddard. Along with his part on Grey's Anatomy.

May 07 2011

New Cabin in the Woods fan poster. As posted by, the fine folks who have been pushing for Cabin's release in the recent past. Victory! More...

March 16 2011

Now's your chance to buy a Whedon work - "Cabin in the Woods" up for sale. The new MGM heads are looking for a buyer for "Cabin in the Woods" (and the remake of "Red Dawn"). More...

February 25 2011

Fran Kranz says Cabin In The Woods to be released. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

February 01 2011

Richard Jenkins - "Cabin in the Woods was such a ball". Though still no word as to when the movie will actually get released.

January 13 2011

11 Horror Movies To Watch Out For In 2011. According to Includes Cabin in the Woods as well as Summer Glau's Knights of Badassdom.

December 05 2010

Brian White talks Cabin and Joss to 411mania. "I wanted to do it for three big reasons; Joss Whedon, Joss Whedon, Joss Whedon." More...

August 10 2010

The A.V. Club does Random Roles with Richard Jenkins. The Onion's sister site takes a look back at the various roles he's played in his career, including the briefest and least informative of bits on the upcoming The Cabin in the Woods.

August 03 2010

Resistance forms against Hollywood's 3-D Push. Joss and J.J. Abrams quoted from Comic-Con in the context of a larger discussion of Hollywood's 3-D phenomenon. Cabin in the Woods and Avengers mentioned.

June 06 2010

(SPOILER) Radio interview with 'Cabin in the Woods' actress Anna Hutchison. New Zealand actress Anna Hutchison describes the intense secrecy surrounding the Cabin in the Woods audition process, and discusses the experience of working with Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon. [Spoiler warning relates only to Amy Acker's revelation about the film from early new spoilers!] More...

April 30 2010

First Picture of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. This is Kenneth Branagh's superhero movie. Hemsworth is expected to reunite with Whedon, following "Cabin in the Woods", on Marvel's "The Avengers".

November 12 2009

Amy Acker Starring in 'Cabin in the Woods' Confirmed. While it has been rumoured for a while, Fran Kranz just let it slip on his Twitter page that Amy Acker will indeed make an appearance in Cabin in the Woods.

September 23 2009

(SPOILER) Joss talks to Complex Magazine. Joss covers the gamut of his current projects. Spoilery if you are staying away from Dollhouse guest star spoilers.

August 19 2009

Brian White on Cabin in The Woods - "It's incredibly funny, it's gory and it's smart". The actor also says "I hear they just did a screening, and it went down very well- he [Joss] apparently hit it out of the park".

August 14 2009

If We Ran Entertainment Weekly... we would totally run this fake EW Whedonverse cover every single week. Check out The TV Addict's preference over the endless Twilight covers we've been getting. More...

August 08 2009

(SPOILER) Fran Kranz talks "Cabin in The Woods". He describes it as "amazing and entertaining", the spoilers being only very broad descriptions of the main characters. More...

August 05 2009

A new Cabin in the Woods cast member revealed: Jodelle Ferland. No word on what kind of role or even how large, but the news comes as a tail to this article about her role in the upcoming Eclipse.

July 31 2009

(SPOILER) io9 interviews Joss about Dollhouse and Cabin in the Woods. Hard-to-hear video of the interview is in two parts toward the middle and bottom of the article. Quotes are interspersed throughout the article.

July 25 2009

Joss talks about Cabin In The Woods and Buffy comics. He also talks about working in different media.

July 23 2009

Teaser posters for 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Three in all and they're very knowing.

July 06 2009

An interview with costume designer Shawna Trpcic. You've seen her costumes on Angel, Firefly, Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and Dollhouse. And next February you'll be seeing her work in The Cabin in the Woods.

June 11 2009

Popwatch interviews Joss Whedon. PopWatch interviews Joss about Dollhouse and the new Buffy movie. Regarding the movie, he says "I believe [the producers] did ultimately reach out to my agent after the news broke, I think that's something better left untouched by me. So, I wish them luck".

June 07 2009

Tom Lenk enters the Cabin in the Woods. Tom tweets that he finished filming his role a few weeks ago. More...

May 31 2009

Coverage of Joss Whedon's keynote address at Wesleyan. On Saturday night Joss gave a lecture on "Defining American Culture: How Movies and TV Get Made" at Wesleyan University. Topics of interest included The Cabin in the Woods, Dollhouse, Goners, Dr. Horrible and that Buffy movie. More coverage can be found at Still Indie. More...

May 29 2009

(SPOILER) Is this the next Big Bad? Pictured is an item snagged from a Cabin in the Woods set sale in Vancouver. Is this what is lurking in the woods waiting to strike? Could we be looking at the new face of evil? More...

May 27 2009

Already become a fan of "Cabin in the Woods" on Facebook? Was searching Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard's new film on Facebook and came about the [possibly] official fanpage and preliminary teaser poster.

May 24 2009

Amy Acker to enter the Cabin in the Woods? IMDB has Amy listed as a "rumoured" cast member. More...

April 28 2009

Cabin Star Chris Hemsworth on Australian TV. Cabin in the Woods Australian star Chris Hemsworth will be appearing Live Via satellite from Los Angeles on Channel 7's The Morning Show from 9am tomorrow (30th April, 2009) where he will be talking about his role in the new Star Trek film. More...

April 25 2009

Joss Whedon's acceptance speech for the Nebula Awards. He couldn't be at the ceremony last night due to filming commitments (Jane Espenson accepted the Bradbury award on his behalf). But he did make this wonderfully daft and heartfelt video. It also contains our first look at the Cabin In The Woods set.

April 16 2009

"This movie is going to kick ass". Fran Kranz talks to SCI FI Wire about 'Cabin in the Woods'.

April 14 2009

Whedon denies that 'Cabin in The Woods' is a musical slasher. Fun quotes from Joss about his and Drew's upcoming movie.

April 01 2009

Cabin in the Woods Script Under Lock and Key (or probably not). Devin Faraci at CHUD describes how Wolverine might have leaked, and claims no media is truly secure, not even Joss's script. More...
'This is going to be one of the best horror-thrillers ever made'. Brian White gets all excited for Cabin in the Woods.

March 22 2009

Cabin in the Woods gets a new cast member. THR reports that Brian White (of Stomp the Yard, apparently) has joined the cast. Article contains his character's name, but no more new information.

March 09 2009

Five More Join Cabin In The Woods. Including Fran-freakin'-Kranz, Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, and Jesse Williams. More...

February 28 2009

(SPOILER) What 'Cabin in the Woods' is actually about. Spoilers galore in this screenplay review so caveat emptor and all that. More...

February 09 2009

Cabin in the Woods will be "a straight-up, balls-out, really terrifying horror movie". FEARnet gets a couple of juicy quotes from Joss at New York Comic Con.

January 24 2009

New York Times (mis)coverage of ' The Cabin in The Woods'. Turns out that the paper's info about the plot summary and the casting of Jena Malone and Bill Nighy is completely wrong. Joss says "while we are fans of both those actors, neither is attached to the movie" and "also, they got the plot wrong... to protect the story from spoilerization, we've been sending out our OWN misinformation". More...

December 30 2008

'Cabin In The Woods' - the Tom Cruise connection. From today's Variety: "[Mary Parent] did steer Joss Whedon's horror film 'The Cabin in the Woods' to Cruise and convinced him to make it as a UA movie".

November 17 2008

Saw VI to "stomp" Cabin in the Woods? The director of Saw VI Kevin Greutert when asked how he feels about having the same release date as Cabin in the Woods says he's not concerned and "thinks we'll stomp 'em still."

July 16 2008

Whedon has Cabin fever. SCI FI Wire has a few details about The Cabin in the Woods. Not plot details, but production details.
Buffy meets Cloverfield? Michael Vollman, lured to MGM by Mary Parent to revamp its marketing unit, has read The Cabin in the Woods. More...

July 07 2008

MTV News interviews Joss about all of his upcoming projects: Dollhouse, Doctor Horrible, Cabin in the Woods, and the ones that won't be happening for now (Goners and Serving Girl).

July 02 2008

'The Cabin In The Woods' isn't dead...'s just pining for the fjords. No, seriously, Drew Goddard tells Ain't It Cool News at the Saturn Awards that "we'll get some exciting news about that much sooner than later". More...

October 30 2007

Joss Whedon and the Vampire Detectives. With the Angel Collector's Set coming out in the States today, GreenCine speaks to Joss about the show and other stuff as well (the likelihood of a sequel to Serenity and his upcoming projects Ripper, Goners and Cabin In The Woods).

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