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July 19 2011

San Diego CSTS event tonight. With an Eben Brooks performance, Serenity screening and lots of shiny prizes. More...

May 09 2011

Joss Whedon and Equality Now to speak at SoCal CSTS event. Joss Whedon, Jessica Neuwirth (president of EN), and Amanda Sullivan (director of EN's Women's Action Network) will be the guests at the June 25th SoCal Browncoats Can't Stop the Serenity event in order to thank Browncoats in California and around the world for their past and ongoing support of Equality Now. More...

March 31 2011

Ask a Browncoat at the Dark Horse Comics Booth at Wondercon. If you're about on Friday, why not chat to the California Browncoats about the 'Verse? On Sunday, Michael Dougherty, writer and director of Browncoats: Redemption will be on hand. And if you're interested, the very nice people at The Cortex are running a contest to help promote awareness of the fan film (proceeds from the DVD sales go to charity).

July 12 2009

Dr. Horrible Goggle Cardstock Masks. Another California Browncoats Comic-Con 2009 Exclusive and also available to every attendee of their screening of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. More...

July 06 2009

California Browncoats calling for Comic-con booth volunteers. No, unfortunately they can’t provide you a pass into the con. They do have some interesting information on returned passes.

January 27 2009

Felicia Day to appear at Browncoat Booth at Wondercon. "She will be signing on Saturday only at our tables (F6/F7). Times TBA". More...

July 14 2008

The Guild's schedule at Comic-Con. Just what it says. The schedule for Guild activity at the California Browncoats booth.

June 06 2008

California Browncoats announce Serenity Better Days #1 Exclusive Variant. Dark Horse produces San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive to benefit Kids Need to Read. More...

February 19 2008

California Browncoats have a new and improved website up. danregal of the SoCal Browncoats has announced that a swanky new website is up that offers lots of details on the California Browncoats' fundraising and volunteering efforts. An RSS feed is also available.

July 12 2007

As part of their fundraisaing for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital they are offering up their Comic Con exclusive mug designs and whole bunch of other stuff to people who donate online. (And it looks like the mugs themselves are actually available for presale now.) More...

February 26 2007

Tim Minear at Browncoat table at WonderCon. Tim Minear is going to be meeting fans and signing autographs at the California Browncoat table at WonderCon. More...

February 07 2007

CNI has the scoop on Browncoat activities at WonderCon. The California Browncoats will be fund raising, hell raising, and consciousness raising at WonderCon. Direct link here: Podcast Episode 75. More...

August 26 2006

Shindig script raises $2,750 for charity in California Browncoats eBay auction. After hovering at around $760 for several days, generous Browncoat bidders raised the final price for Adam Baldwin's autographed original shooting script for the Firefly episode Shindig to an amazing $2,750, all for charity. Currently up for bid: Safe, which at the moment has a bid of around $960. More...

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