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"The curtains close. On a kiss god knows. We can tell the end is near."
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October 27 2009

The Occulterers - America's premiere ghost hunting team. The comedy web series which stars Camdem Toy and James C. Leary went online yesterday and there's new episodes out every day this week.

July 01 2007

Camden Toy in stage play "Famine Plays". It's on at the Theatre of Note in Hollywood, running June 29 - Aug. 4. More...

June 01 2007

Highlights from the last ever Buffy and Angel magazine. Read a snippet of Joss' farewell message and goodbyes in full from the likes of James Leary and Camdem Toy.

December 18 2006

The Browncoat Backup Bash - the documentary. Lovely Quicktime feature done by QMx Tv which includes interviews with Camden Toy and Tim Minear.

October 20 2006

An Ubervamp and a Gentleman - Camden Toy tells all. There's some lovely behind the scenes info about Hush here, it's a real gold mine for Buffy trivia.

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