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May 12 2017

Camden Toy talks about being one of The Gentleman on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. "The original name of the Gentlemen was not the Gentlemen, it was the Laughing Men, if I remember correctly".

July 29 2015

Interview with Camden Toy: A Buffy retrospective. Camden Toy only made a handful of appearances on the massive cult television show Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, but each of those roles are ones that fans will probably never forget.

June 02 2011

Overlords, Incorporated Part 1. A short film featuring some Whedonverse alums. Camden Toy, Bonita Friedericy, and Steve Tartalia co-star in this short film that is an offshoot of web series "The Humted". Here's a link to Part 2.

November 10 2010

Clare Kramer Joins the Cast of Goodnight Burbank. She joins Whedon alums Miracle Laurie and Camden Toy (along with other notables from genre TV and movies) for this online comedy series.

November 09 2010

Highlights from Creation's Weekend of Whedon event. Whedonopolis has write-ups and pics from Q&As with Eliza Dushku, Nick Brendon, Ron Glass, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher and Camden Toy and Doug Jones. More...

November 01 2010

"I played more villains on Buffy than anyone else". Camden Toy talks about the show and his new acting gigs 'The Bay' and 'Good Night Burbank' (which also stars Miracle Laurie).

March 17 2010

'The Next Word' - a short film starring Camden Toy and Bonita Friedericy. The 2 former guests of the 'verse star in a comedic tale of theatrical disaster.

October 19 2009

Breast cancer auctions feature some familiar faces from the Whedonverse. To finish up Breast Cancer Awareness Month, has posted new auctions to benefit The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer... including breast cancer bears with autographs and photos of Joss, Nathan Fillion, Miracle Laurie, Camden Toy and Stacey Scowley. More...

August 26 2009

Big Apple Comic-Con welcomes some Whedonverse guests Oct 16-18th. Miracle Laurie, Mark Sheppard, Camden Toy, and *just added* Emma Caulfield will represent the verse at the New York City event. Also Georges Jeanty and Jo Chen are scheduled to appear at Baltimore Comic-Con October 10-11. More...

August 08 2009

Report from Caulfield, Toy and Jones panel at Chicago Wizard World. Video of their panel is also available for purchase. More...

May 06 2009

Camden Toy appears in Renfield music video. For added "Buffy" cred, the music video is directed by Ezra Buzzington, who played the bartender who listened to Riley's woes.

January 26 2008

Whedonverse actors have a 'striking' take on the current situation in Hollywood. Three veteran 'verse actors, Camden Toy - Gentleman/Gnarl/Ubervamp on "Buffy" and Prince of Lies on "Angel; Bonita Friedericy - Cordelia's dress shop boss on "Buffy" and Jasmine's assistant Patience on "Angel"; and John Billingsley - werewolf expert Dr. Royce on "Angel" (and also Dr. Phlox on "Star Trek: Enterprise"), show us some entertainingly simple solutions to the WGA strike.

May 08 2007

Special Auctions for charity from You can win a signed "You're Welcome" script or a signed one-of-a-kind event poster. More...

April 24 2007

Buffy fans sing for charity. A recent screening of 'Once More With Feeling' in Pasenda, CA raised $3,500 for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. And according to Sci Fi Wire, guests at the event included David Fury, Ben Edlund, James C. Leary and Camden Toy.

September 24 2006

Chiller Theatre adds a gentleman and a vamp to their Halloween line-up. Juliet Landau and Camden Toy are appearing at the event in Secaucus, N.J. on Oct 27-29,2006.

August 27 2006

Zen Noir, the feature film edited by Camden Toy, opens September 15th. More...

March 11 2006

Chat with Camden Toy today. He's had a distinguished career in the Buffyverse, so why not ask him a question? The Q&A starts at 6pm EST.

February 22 2006

A very unique site for a couple of very unique Gentlemen. Doug Jones and Camden Toy have joined force to create a website celebrating two of the most frighting characters in the buffyverse, which is a far cry from the crackups they are in real life. More...

January 26 2006

Dru brings some Gentlemen to HauntX. The Horror, Haunt, and Halloween expo in LA, California, Feb. 17-19th. The event has scared up Juliet Landau, Camden Toy, and Doug Jones from the verse, with many others from the horror genre.

October 28 2005

Discover "Twisted History Vampires" and you'll find a Toy. Camden Toy that is, the verse's favorite mutli-player demon will be interviewed for the Discovery Channel show. Just in time for Halloween, airing Oct 30 at 10 pm PST.

August 09 2005

Rob Hall's Lightning Bug now available on DVD. Buffy and Angel fans watching Lightning Bug may want to keep their eyes peeled... A number of demons last seen in Lorne's club "Caritas" make cameos. Also look for something resembling the creature from the BtVS episode "Selfless." Buffy and Angel actor Camden Toy has a small yet memorable cameo in the film! (hint: think Gnarl!) More...

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