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February 16 2017

Can't Stop the Serenity art contest is now open. You have until the 6th of March to come up with a design for this year's CSTS official promotional artwork.

October 26 2016

The 'Can't Stop the Serenity' auction is now live, lots of Whedonverse goodies to be had. There's some nice collectibles here. The eBay link can be found here and proceeds go to Equality Now.

November 08 2015

Bid on signed Whedonverse collectibles and more, proceeds go to Equality Now. Can't Stop The Serenity have a great auction this year. There's some lovely stuff to be had.

June 20 2015

Rock band releases second EP of Firefly-inspired music. The Fallen Stars' Leaves on the Wind collection continues with "No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me". More...

October 14 2014

The absolutely first-ever Can't Stop the Serenity Virtual Shindig on October 15th. You're invited to the end-of-season online party/fundraiser for Can't Stop the Serenity and Equality Now. It's a great cause and a great film. More...

January 14 2014

Can't Stop The Serenity Logo Contest NEW super-extended deadline. On accounta because they really need you and your Awesome Art Braining. More...

January 08 2014

Deadline Extended for Can't Stop the Serenity 2014 Art Contest. Artwork will now be accepted through 12 January 2014 11:59 P.M. PST. Complete rules are here.

November 17 2013

Can't Stop The Serenity auction kicks off. Lots of goodies to be had here. For instance, there's a Firefly Companion book signed by Joss and a Much Ado poster signed by Joss and some of the cast. All proceeds go to Equality Now and the direct link to the auction can be found here.

June 20 2013

Can't Stop the Serenity - celebrating Joss Whedon's birthday in a big way. Want to see Serenity on the big screen this weekend? The CSTS website has details of where you can see the movie. And check the events page for other dates.

November 03 2012

Bid for unique Whedonverse collectibles. Can't Stop The Serenity's latest auction to help Equality Now has some really nice collector's items. There's a Shindig script signed by Jane Espenson, a Firefly crew gift from Gina Torres, a Jaynestown tshirt and poster signed by Adam Baldwin, a Buffy cast and crew belt bag from Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan and lots, lots more.

July 01 2012

Why Jane Espenson supports 'Can't Stop The Serenity'. In related Jane coverage, she has her own panel at Comic-Con on the Sunday. More...

May 31 2012

Can't Stop The Serenity events for 2012 start next weekend. Events in Vancouver (Canada), Nottingham (UK), and Lawrence (Kansas, USA) kick off this summer's charity events. Check out the 2012 event list for local opportunities to watch Serenity with other fans. CSTS screenings often include other fun activities such as auctions, raffles, costume contests, and trivia.

February 05 2012

End of an era for Serenity: 35mm prints have been retired for U.S. screenings. This is expected to have minor impact on CSTS screenings since the majority of last year's events were already using digital copies and CSTS has been anticipating the change.

October 26 2011

Can't Stop the Serenity's Annual Charity Auction has begun! 100% of the final sale prices will support Equality Now. A lot of very cool items from Firefly/Serenity and other fandoms are up for auction this year.

October 25 2011

Vote for Can't Stop The Serenity's 2012 Official Artwork! Promotional art nominees for next year’s CSTS events have submitted entries and now they are competing to decide what will be next year's official art!

September 16 2011

Philadelphia CSTS event this weekend with Superpower Charades. CSTS Events also this weekend in Liverpool, Seattle, Charlotte, and Phoenix. More...

August 10 2011

Minneapolis CSTS event starts Thursday at the beautiful Riverview Theater. Three nights of Serenity & Dr. Horrible. With The Guild on Thursday only.

July 07 2011

CSTS event tonight in Pittsburgh. It includes games such as Simon's Operation Challenge. On Saturday, there's Serenity, Dr. Horrible and Browncoats: Redemption screenings in Madison, WI. And on Sunday San Antonio, TX has Serenity, Dr. Horrible and The Guild. More...

July 06 2011

Once More With Feeling songbook signed by Sarah Michelle Gellar now on eBay. CSTS Vancouver is auctioning off a rare, even unique, item on ebay but it is up for only 1 week. SMG doesn't sign much so this is sure to be popular. Proceeds from this sale will go in to the CSTS Vancouver totals for Equality Now, and BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre Foundation.

June 25 2011

Watch Joss Whedon live tonight at Can't Stop The Serenity LA. There will be a livestream from GeekWeek starting at 6.30pm PST. Felicia Day and Michael Fairman will be at the event as well. Update: If you missed it, you can watch the whole thing here and look who else turned up! Jane Espenson, Tim Minear and Nathan Fillion! The Q&A starts at around 58:00.

June 23 2011

Want to ask Joss Whedon a question? He'll be at the Can't Stop The Serenity LA event on Saturday. So if you have a question for him (and/or Felicia Day and Michael Fairman), just reply to Comic Center's tweet and include the hashtag #CSTSLA.

June 15 2011

'Can't Stop the Serenity' events for the summer. This year's CSTS kicked off last weekend. Find out if there's a screening of Serenity in your area in the next few months.

May 28 2011

2011 CSTS Los Angeles Logo and Shirts. Popular graphic artist Adam Levermore designed the CSTS LA Logo.

March 14 2011

Registration is now online for 'Can't Stop The Serenity' 2011. If you're interested in holding a CSTS event to raise funds for Equality Now this year, the relevant details are now up on the website.

February 21 2011

Voting open for the CSTS 2011 Official Artwork Contest. Go check out the entries, and vote for your favorite. Voting Closes March 6, 2011 11:59 PM PST. More...

October 23 2010

Last chance for Can't Stop the Serenity auction goodies. There's only five days left to bid for some great collectors items. And it will benefit Equality Now.

October 09 2010

Serenity Charity Screening at Salt Lake City, UT on Sunday. I believe this is the last CSTS event of the year! More...

September 26 2010

Become part of the 2011 CSTS Global Team - applications now open. Be a member of the Global Teams that helped raise over $450,000 for charity. More...

September 24 2010

CSTS Charity Screenings this weekend. San Antonio, TX, Orange County, CA and Atlanta, GA. More...

August 16 2010

Can't Stop The Serenity global auction kicks off this week. From the 17th till the 24th, you have the chance to bid for some great collectors items including Serenity: Float Out cover art signed by Joss Whedon, Jo Chen and Alan Tudyk. Proceeds go to Equality Now. More...

February 23 2010

Vote on the Can't Stop The Serenity promotional art for 2010. Voting ends next Monday, March 1 and they'll announce the winner the same day. 17 entries to choose from.

January 16 2010

Can't Stop the Serenity's 2010 Promotional Art contest. If you win then your "design will be featured on t-shirts, posters and promotional material".

November 25 2009

Can't Stop the Serenity Last Hurrah Charity Auction Week 2. Make sure to check out the really cool items on auction for Equality Now!

November 16 2009

The fantastic 'Last Hurrah' auction. Can't Stop The Serenity and the Californian Browncoats are auctioning off some highly desirable Whedonverse collectors items. These include a Serenity poster signed by Joss, a Dr Horrible print signed by Neil, Nathan and Felicia and a tour of the Dollhouse costume department with Shawna Trpcic.

September 15 2009

Calling all Browncoats and Doers of Good Deeds. Can't Stop the Serenity wants your help for their latest plan for raising money for Equality Now (it won't cost you anything).

July 03 2009

$50,000 raised so far from 2009 Can't Stop The Serenity screenings. The global organisers say "we're well on our way towards our goal of $150k!". More...

June 20 2009

Get some Global Merchandise. If you can't make the Can't Stop The Serenity screenings this month, then you can buy some shiny t-shirts, hoodies and patches at the official site. All proceeds go to Equality Now.

June 19 2009

Amber Benson signing tonight Boston - CSTS too! Amber has only one stop in the Boston area on her North East tour - she is going to be at Pandemonium Books in Cambridge this evening from 7-9 pm. She will be signing with her co-creator of Ghosts of Albion and BTVS author, Christopher Golden. Also appearing with them is author Tom Sniegoski. More...

May 04 2009

'Why We Are Here'- a fandom effort. Can't Stop The Serenity will be running a story every Friday about injustices against women.

April 28 2009

Can't Stop the Serenity Event Registration Deadlines. 33 cities registered so far. Some tickets on sale.

March 03 2009

Bidding for the Bard now open. The winning bidder will get Cedric from the Bedlam Bards performing at a Can't Stop The Serenity screening of their choice. There's also tons of prizes as well including "Something shiny autographed by Joss Whedon!".

February 20 2009

Cedric from the Bedlam Bards to be auctioned off. Well kinda. If you win the bidding, he'll perform at your local Can't Stop The Serenity screening.

January 12 2009

Can't Stop The Serenity needs YOU to be in their video. The CSTS gang are looking to put together a introductory video for this year's screenings. And so, they're looking for fans to film themselves describing they love the 'Verse and more.

December 07 2008

Join the 'Can't Stop the Serenity' Global Team. The organisers are looking for volunteers to help make next year's event "bigger and bolder than ever before".

June 27 2008

Press for the Phoenix CSTS showing on Saturday. The article includes info about the showing, in addition to a blurb about the fans and Serenifly. More...

June 18 2008

Wanted, Dead or Alive: The Portland Mercury writes up the CSTS event. A feature article about the tragedy of Firefly, how Serenity came about, CSTS, and the dedication of Browncoats. More...

April 26 2008

Universal generously providing Film Prints to CSTS. "Universal will be shipping in a number of prints from around the globe to help account for the shortage, at cost to them, which is incredibly generous." CSTS will evidently have enough Prints available, even with new Venues being added.

April 23 2008

PDX Browncoats announce guests for 'Can't Stop The Serenity' screenings. Dark Horse's Scott Allie and Sierra Hahn will be there along with Amanda Sullivan, Director of Equality Now's Women's Action Network. More...

April 18 2008

Can stop the Serenity? Are there enough copies of the Serenity film print to go around for all of the charity screenings this year? More...

February 07 2008

Special guest announced for Dallas 'Can't Stop The Serenity' event. It's Tim Minear! How cool is that?

July 15 2007

Two Weekends of Whedony Goodness. Recaps of the Seattle Can't Stop the Serenity and OMWF Sing-a-long. Includes lightbulb jokes!

July 04 2007

QMx pledges to support CSTS "for as long as the effort continues". So said the maker of Verse replicas on July 2. In addition, they "challenge other vendors who have benefited from the generosity of the Browncoat community to do the same."

July 03 2007

Browncoat Cruise Winner Announced. The worldwide CSTS Cruise winner was announced yesterday.

June 24 2007

A report from the SoCal 'Can't Stop the Serenity' screening. Courtesy of Quotergal. More...

June 21 2007

'Whedonphilia: Joss Whedon Takes Over PDX.' Alternative newspaper The Portland Mercury talks up the "Weekend of Whedon" -- the Buffy Sing-a-Long and the Can't Stop the Serenity Screenings -- coming to Oregon this Friday and Saturday. More...

June 18 2007

Serious Fun, Serious Cause. J. Scott Wilson spreads the word about "Can't Stop the Serenity," Equality Now, and "Joss Whedon's brilliant, intelligent and just flat-out fun film." More...

June 17 2007

Dublin CSTS screening reports fundraising total. Almar_Sare reports (converted to US currency) a take of approximately $4,329.14 for Equality Now from the Dublin event -- the first such report to be posted as this year's global charity screenings get underway. More...

June 14 2007

Jewel to introduce CSTS screening in Vancouver BC. Organizers announce that she will "introduce the movie, as well as draw the names for the door prizes".

June 05 2007

Whedon comics editor Scott Allie to appear at CSTS screening. The Portland, OR charity-screening organizers are "pleased to announce that Scott Allie -- Joss Whedon's editor at Dark Horse Comics -- will be our guest for the Friday night screening...." More...

June 03 2007

'Can't Stop the Serenity' screening in Ottawa. It'll be on June 23rd (Joss' birthday dontyaknow) and tickets are $10 now or $12 on the door. More...

May 24 2007

Can't Stop The Serenity screenings. With under a month to go till the charity events kick off, here's a reminder of which cities are showing Serenity around the time of Joss' birthday. Proceeds from these screenings will go to benefit Equality Now.

May 01 2007

'Can't Stop the Serenity' 2007 charity swag already on sale. The official CSTS poster and t-shirt are now available for pre-order. Click the title link for a list of cities allowing pre-orders; click here for a good look at the shirt and poster. More...

March 09 2007

DC-area Browncoats needed to get charity screening booked. Only just came across this. Fans in the area of Washington DC want to hold a charity Serenity screening in June. But the prospective venue needs convincing. If you're in that area and would attend such a screening (you will, won't you?) then click the link and fill out the survey so organizers can show the venue there's enough interest.

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