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April 24 2009

Mal lands in this week's Geek6. Our captain makes it in as one of the top science fiction characters out there. He also makes it onto Movie Retrieval's list of ten character origin stories they'd like to see on film.

April 14 2008

Well looky thar! Favorite pirates of How Stuff Works. Doing some reading on "how pirates work" and came across this most delightful surprise where I had no reason to suspect it. I love little life touches like this! More...

February 07 2008

Mal as great captain. Captain Mal gets to be one of the best captains to get your advice from.

November 16 2007

Mal Collectible Mini Bust has been released. Razor's Edge, partnered with Diamond Select, has released the first fully licensed Serenity Collectible Mini Bust. It is available for sale now.

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