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March 17 2011

Nathan Fillion is on the cover of latest Entertainment Weekly. As the cover says: "Geek God".

October 05 2010

Nathan Fillion in New York Magazine. More of Nathan's Buchananity revealed. And stuff.

July 15 2010

Nathan Fillion: Captain Tightpants or Captain Hammer? Nathan Fillion has been blessed with several fan favorite roles. Considering all the options, which role will you best remember him for?

November 22 2009

Gene Ha's "full pencils" Captain Hammer artwork. Wowed by the Captain Hammer pin-up in the recent Dr Horrible comic book? Then check it out in its original form.

September 27 2009

Nathan Fillion mentioned in Virtual Shackles. With Jossverse references. This one's several months old.
Nathan Fillion aka Richard Castle book signing for Heat Wave. The event will take place Sept 29th at 8pm at the Borders books in Northridge, CA.

September 23 2009

Dr. Horrible in Legos. This comes from Sci-Fi Wire, but Mo Tanchareon found these two figures of Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer made out of Legos. Someone named "Cube Dude" made them, and displayed them on his Flickr page. More...

September 20 2009

Dr. Horrible attacks the Emmys. What happens when Doctor Horrible finds out about the Emmys? Well, watch this and find out! Alternate link with the intro and outro bits in HD here.

August 20 2009

Bid for Dr Horrible Sing-Along Blog figurines. The Captain Hammer figurine is signed by Nathan Fillion and proceeds will go to Kids Need to Read. The auction ends on the 24th of August.

February 22 2009

Captain Hammer Comic in Print. Zack's 1st comic story in print. More...

January 13 2009

New Dr Horrible Tees for sale. The Dr Horrible team tweets about some new merchandise. Pick your team and wear it on your chest. Quote from twitter: "...some new merch. more to come." More...

October 28 2008

The Totally Rad Show Has Love For Captain Hammer. For the Halloween episode of TRS, justice has a new name. And the name that it has, besides justice, is Jeff Cannata. More...

August 30 2008

Dragon*Con 2008 Live Performance of Dr. Horrible. Hope Captain Hammer didn't break that luggage cart and that it just snaps back together.

August 12 2008

Captain Hammer is Caramelldansen. Yeah, I'm not sure what caramelldansen is either... but apparently Captain Hammer's pretty good at it. More...

August 03 2008

Dr. Horrible: Pony Edition. I bet the Thoroughbred of Sin would enjoy these.

July 28 2008

E!'s Kristin totally falls for Nathan Fillion. Nathan discusses his geeking out over involvement with the Whedon clan, and briefly mentions his part on the Wonder Woman direct-to-DVD animation. More...
Nathan Fillion reveals Captain Hammer's superpowers. A heavy lifter but maybe not a flyer. Also has the power of awesomeness.

July 14 2008

Dr. Horrible shirts will be sold online at Jinx. No link on the official site yet, just a picture. But a little searching leads to this currently empty page, hopefully soon to be filled with all kinds of goods.

July 07 2008

Zack Whedon on the Dr. Horrible comic strip. Everything you wanted to know about the Captain Hammer tie-in and more.

July 02 2008

Captain Hammer comic now officially up. The Captain Hammer comic that was already online but then got pulled again is now officially out and back online at Darkhorse's MySpace site.

July 01 2008

Be Like Me! - The Dr. Horrible comic strip. That comic about Captain Hammer, nemesis of Dr. Horrible, can be read right now, although MySpace Dark Horse Presents Issue 12 isn't supposed to be up until July 2. [Note: Pulled? See below.] More...

May 18 2008

Dr. Horrible gets an Internet Movie Database page.

March 26 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan Fillion! Elsewhere, there are pages and pages of Birthday wishes on our favorite myspace. More...

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