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January 06 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar voices "CARE Canada" commercial. She has been the ambassador for the Care Organization for years, but I do not think this commercial has been posted.

March 13 2009

The Sarah Michelle Gellar Birthday Project! (Donate to her favourite female-empowering charity). Sarah turns 32 on April 14th so for the occasion, fans have decided to donate to her cause for the second year in a row. The project was quite successful last year and we hope that people will participate again this year. More...

March 05 2009

Sarah to Attend Charity Premiere. Sarah Michelle Gellar will attend the LA premiere of "A Powerful Noise" - a one-night event in honor of International Women's Day.

September 23 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar to host charity reception. She will host a Dom Perignon Charity Reception for CARE. More...

April 03 2008

SMG Birthday Project (Donate to her favourite women-empowering poverty-fighting charity). Just passing along this news. Our little slayer turns 31 on April 14th, so for the occasion, a few fans came up with the idea to donate to a good cause in her name. More...

January 27 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar the expectation slayer. SMG gets the full page treatment in the "Now" section of the Sunday NY Daily News. Looks like she's still heading off to Africa soon with CARE. More...

September 14 2007

Gellar still CAREs. Video from CARE website following her visit to Guatemala. More...

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