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April 16 2016

Jewel Staite to guest on Castle. These Firefly reunions on Nathan's show are delightful.

August 13 2015

(SPOILER) 'Castle' Spoilers: Adam Baldwin to return for season 8. According to Entertainment Weekly he will be reprising his role as Detective Ethan Slaughter for an episode set to air early in the season.

December 01 2014

Autographed Serenity filming slate up for auction. Castle crew member Jay Galbo (lighting technician on Serenity) has put up for auction a filming slate from Serenity to benefit the Providence Saint Joseph Foundation. More...

October 27 2014

7 Halloween themed TV episodes that are scary good. This Nerdist list includes two Buffyverse episodes and another special Whedonverse-related mention.

October 22 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Castle convention Nov 8-9. Fan convention in Los Angeles run by the California Browncoats with 6 cast members & some crew already announced.

August 11 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. nominated in the Seriedade Anonima Awards. Brazilian Blog/Podcast comedy award selects Marvel show in many categories. More...

May 21 2014

Dallas Comic Con 2014 - Nathan Fillion Panel. Nathan Fillion shared some stories and answered some questions during his own, last-minute panel at this past weekend's convention in Dallas, Texas. Spoilers for the end of season 6 of Castle.

November 26 2013

Vote Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in E! Online Tournament. There are also a few other Whedon related shows in the tournament, your vote will help. This round closes today. Be sure to type the code in before voting. More...

September 20 2013

Nathan Fillion reflects on Castle's past, eyes the future. He speaks with TVLine about the new season of "Castle" and about his great "summer at the movies".

January 02 2013 Users' Favorite Actors of 2012. Nathan Fillion and David Boreanaz make the top of the list.

November 05 2012

Tonight on ABC - a very special episode of Castle. Richard Castle meets Nathan Fillion (sort of). It's the episode we were all getting excited about back in September.

October 22 2012

People's Choice Awards now open. First stage of voting is open for the awards and lots of Whedonverse options to vote for including The Avengers, Nathan Fillion, Castle, Bones and more.

September 25 2012

Nathan Fillion visits Conan O'Brien. Our beloved Captain Tightpants is on Conan tonight (Sept. 25, 2012) to promote the new season of Castle! More...

September 21 2012

Nathan Fillion needs someone to play Nathan Fillion in Castle's Firefly Parody. "Castle" takes its shout-outs to Browncoats to a whole new level. ETA: The character has been cast. More...

September 12 2012

Nathan Fillion on Hero Complex: The Show. Geoff Boucher talks to Nathan about acting in soap operas, meeting with Joss for Firefly and the musical way in which Joss writes.

June 29 2012

Nathan Fillion talks about acting choices & being identified with a character. Video interview by BackStageCasting. 3.30 minutes long. They don't say when it was recorded.

June 19 2012

Castle is a no show for Comic-Con 2012. Castle was not invited to this year's Comic-Con.

June 06 2012

Roundtable with Nathan Fillion and six other TV performers. Jenelle Riley talks to seven "Emmy-Worthy" stars for Backstage magazine, including our Captain. More...

April 16 2012

Adam Baldwin talks about guesting with Nathan Fillion on tonight's Castle! Another story about our old friends working together again.

April 15 2012

Adam Baldwin talks about his guest star role on Castle. HitFix (main link) and TVLine both talked to Adam about his character and what it was like to act with Nathan Fillion again. "It's like putting on an old, comfortable brown coat or a nice pair of comfortable combat boots." More...

March 28 2012

Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin reunite on Castle. Includes picture and Nathan and Adam talk a little about the episode and Firefly

March 17 2012

Buffy is competing in TV March Madness. Best thing about March Madness? The other bracket type polls that come up. Buffy is in the off-air drama division of this particular bracket. More...

March 01 2012

Firefly reunion on Castle as Adam Baldwin guest stars. Baldwin is set to guest star this spring as Detective Ethan Slaughter, "a rough and tumble cop from the city's gang unit who lands a case that Castle is desperate to follow". More...

February 28 2012

Malcom Reynolds vs. Rick Castle. It's a match up to see who wins Beckett's heart. No matter who looses, ruggedly handsome wins. (Hulu - USA only). More...

January 12 2012

Jose Molina on The Nerdist Writers Panel. In addition to the Castle and Firefly writer, this episode includes Sarah Goldfinger (CSI, Grimm) and Hart Hanson (Bones, The Finder). More...

December 08 2011

ABC orders additional episode of 'Castle'. This brings the current season order up to 23 episodes.

November 08 2011

Nathan Fillion: Pop Culture King Beyond Castle. LA Times Hero Complex talks to Nathan about his rock star cult status.

October 26 2011

Robert Duncan is on Twitter! The composer on season 7 of Buffy (and a bunch of Whedon-adjacent TV) is on Twitter.

September 18 2011

Nathan Fillion discusses Castle finale, possible romantic entanglements. He and costar Seamus Deaver propose just how far Castle might go to get certain people to like him.

July 28 2011

And the Castle/Firefly cross pollination continues... Molly Quinn steals her T.V. Dad's costume and other fun at the Castle Comic Con Panel.

July 25 2011

(SPOILER) TV Line interviews Nathan Fillion. He talks about his SDCC experience, icons who he wishes to work with and the new season of Castle (spoilery). Nathan also stopped by the EW lounge to test fans on their Fillion knowledge and there's also an interview with The Futon Critic. More...

July 01 2011

Nathan Fillion comic in today's "Gutters". The webcomic about the comic industry comments on the new graphic novel based on the fictional Rick Castle's novel.

May 31 2011

An open request to the producers of Castle. Peter David says "You need to start casting other actors from Firefly in Castle.... Oh, and have Joss Whedon write and direct an episode".

May 22 2011

Vid of Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live, May 10, 2011. Enjoy!

April 21 2011

Castle and Chuck are TV Guide Magazine's Fan Favorites. Award video at bottom of page. More...

March 30 2011

E! Online's Alpha Male Madness. Go vote for our Captain to win E! Online's Alpha Male Madness. He's barely beating some guy from the Vampire Diaries!

March 02 2011

Backstage interviews Nathan Fillion. A wide-ranging interview about his life, his career, his profession. (And, yes, another comment on that Firefly campaign.)

February 24 2011

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion talks about lack of Castle promotion. He says "I dropped 60 bucks on the lottery [recently], I didn't win. But if I did, my plan was to buy some commercials for Castle so you couldn't watch TV without seeing one". Spoilerish for an upcoming episode. ETA: View the TV Guide video for the interview here.

February 22 2011

Minor Firefly reference on Castle last night. Right after the the opening. More...

February 21 2011

Adrian Pasdar confirms rumor that Nathan Fillion is awesome. Former Heroes star Adrian Pasdar gushes on working with Nathan Fillion on Castle. Seems he might have a bit of a man-crush on `ol Captain Mal.

February 01 2011

Cast your vote in TV Guide Magazine's Fan Favorite Awards. Nominations include Nathan Fillion, Castle, HIMYM and Eureka (Felicia Day will be in it so that counts, right?)

January 10 2011

Castle gets renewed. Good news for Nathan Fillion fans.

December 30 2010

Vote for Nathan Fillion's Castle for E! Online's Best TV Show of 2010. It is one of those vote as many times as you want polls. So do that. More...

December 10 2010

Dollhouse receives an honorable mention on Mo Ryan's list of Best 2010 shows. Chuck and How I Met Your Mother are listed in the same category. The Guild ranks among her favorite Web Series. Bones & Castle are not as well regarded, but are mentioned as well.

December 06 2010

Castle Exec Producer talks about Nathan Fillion and his fans. "His fans love him and we love his fans and we thought even if they're not a traditional ABC audience that they would also come to the show - and they do."

November 29 2010

What's Nathan Fillion's secret to staying sexy? Nathan's page in People's 2010 Sexiest Men issue is number 110. More...

November 26 2010

Castle, Bones and HIMYM get the Jump the Shark treatment. TV Guide asks the infamous question about a number of Whedon related shows. More...

November 18 2010

Castle feature with TV Guide. Short Hulu video with Nathan Fillion and cast discussing Nathan's on-set pranks.

November 11 2010

ABC orders two more 'Castle' episodes. Ups the third season total to 24 episodes.

October 24 2010

Vote for Whedon alums for TV Guide cover. It's Bones vs Castle vs Chuck vs How I Met Your Mother... Voting until November 1st. More...

September 28 2010

Article on using iTunes to get hooked on previous TV shows lists guess-what as an example. A writer explaining how NBC's refusal to participate in iTunes TV show rental is idiotic discusses his own late-to-the-party discoveries such as "Castle," which led to "Firefly," which led to... I think we know this song. Great to see the show is still pulling in new viewers, though.

September 26 2010

Adrienne Shelly Foundation once-in-a-lifetime celebrity experiences Charity Auction. Including a Birthday phone call from Bones stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz and Castle Set Visit. Nathan Fillion wrote "Wanna come meet me?" .

September 16 2010

Ask Nathan Fillion a question for Good Morning America. He'll be on this morning's show. If you twitter and know what the weather is like in NY, Nathan is asking how he should pack. ETA Watch the interview here.

September 07 2010

Fall 2010 TV Premiere Schedule. The 2010 Fall schedule that includes many returning and new shows featuring our alumni. More...

August 11 2010

David Boreanaz and Nathan Fillion make TV's Top Salaries. From TV Guide. Fillion makes as much as the Hamm himself.

August 09 2010

Nathan Fillion 'Agrees' to Serenity 2 with Bob Stencil. A surprise Bob $tencil interview from Comic Con with a certain individual known for wearing very tight pants. More...

July 26 2010

Richard Castle discovers a dead body! In this video, "Castle" promotes his new book and stumbles across a murder at the beach in The Hamptons. Contains a nice, meta shout-out at the end. :)

July 24 2010

Nathan Fillion G4 interview on Castle at Comic-Con 2010. Always love it when he says "I'll never say never." about Firefly/Serenity. Also, the "Heat Wave" movie trailer form Comic-Con. More...

May 02 2010

Zap2It Inaugural TV Show Smackdown: Bones vs. Castle. "You may have noticed that "Bones" and "Castle" have a few things in common: Passionate fans, grisly (but sometimes funny!) murder cases, leading men who previously starred on Joss Whedon shows." More...

April 12 2010

Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live! ABC tonight.

April 07 2010

Nathan Fillion: I'll leave it to people who can handle the stress. Interview with Nathan Fillion about Castle and his former roles.

March 30 2010

Behind the Scenes with Nathan on his show, Castle. Nathan's take on a behind-the-scenes tour with some Nathan flair to boot! Also available on More...
Castle Renewed for 3rd Season. Nathan Fillion's 'Castle' has been picked up for a third season by ABC. More...

March 29 2010

The AV Club gives a shout-out to the Castle Firefly shout-out. The weekly Inventory feature includes Nathan's Firefly clip on Castle.

March 18 2010

(Vote) Castle Still in the Running for Hulu's "Best in Show" Competition. Currently Nathan Fillion's show, Castle is in a 50/50 dead heat with the Simpsons. If Castle wins it will face off against the winner of Community v. Parks & Recreation in the semi-finals.

March 17 2010

Nathan Fillion 'Castle': Top Quips From Paley Salute. So who got to go? Sounds like everyone had a good time. There's a Hollywood Reporter article as well.

February 17 2010

Jose Molina Chat Transcript. Interesting insights into the life of a writer/producer. Also his new Firefly story will do some dwelling inside Malís head.

February 11 2010

Nathan Fillion is nominated for a Shorty Award. He's among six finalists in the "Celebrity" category for use of Twitter. More...

January 29 2010

When Forrest met Caleb. Leonard Roberts will guest star in a two-part episode of "Castle" to be aired in consecutive dates on March 21st and 22nd.

January 27 2010

ABC Orders More Castle! ABC has ordered 2 additional episodes of Castle, bringing this season's total episodes to 24. More...

January 14 2010

Vid of Nathan Fillion on Regis & Kelly from 1/11/10.

December 16 2009

Nathan Fillion and Castle co-star Stana Katic interview each other. A past interview has Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett, Enver Glokaj and Dichen Lachman talking Dollhouse and another has Morena Baccarin and her "V" cast mates discussing that show.

December 07 2009

When Riley met Caleb (sort of). Marc Blucas guests in tonight's episode of Castle, titled "The Fifth Bullet".

November 29 2009

Dollhouse Season 1 DVD nominated for Satellite Award. Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris also got nominations. More...

November 20 2009

Ten TV Things TWoP is thankful for this year. Check out numbers 4 and 10 . . .

November 15 2009

Castle S1 DVD on Sale for $14.99 & $17.49 Target for $14.99 and Best Buy for $17.49 from Nov 15th - Nov 21st. More...

November 14 2009

TV Gal's pick for most charming man in prime time. Who else agrees?

November 05 2009

Chat transcript with Firefly and Castle writer Jose Molina. Lots of chatter. Writing advice. Questions answered.

October 26 2009

(SPOILER) Tonight on ABC - It's the Halloween episode of Castle. Nathan Fillion + Buffy & Firefly references = win. More...

October 21 2009

Captain Reynolds vs Vampires. In the preview for next Monday's Castle episode, Mal goes up against a few undead Americans. EDIT: holy crap, there is also a sneak peak in which he NAMECHECKS BUFFY. Nerd heaven, indeed.

October 20 2009

Castle picked up for full season. ABC has picked up a back-nine order for Season 2!

October 19 2009

Reed Diamond on Castle right now. Sharing the screen with Nathan...

October 11 2009

A man's "Castle". Nathan Fillion interview in IF Magazine. Talking about getting a second season, Firefly, and twittering.
(SPOILER) Halloween episode of Castle will have a nice treat for Firefly fans. What a fine brown coat! More...

October 06 2009

Jenna Busch interviews Nathan Fillion at HuffPost. Along with co-star Stana Katic, he talks Castle, Dr. Horrible sequelage, and when to look for that Firefly Easter Egg.

October 04 2009

Has the Firefly Easter Egg on the Castle stage set been found? Nathan twittered about it and the hunt began. More...

October 02 2009

Nathan Fillion discusses Castle on Fangoria Radio. The show first airs tonight at 10 pm Eastern.

September 23 2009

Nathan Fillion visits the Apple Store in New York City. Read descriptions of the event, listen to audio of the Q&A session and watch a recap video of Castle, Season 1.

September 22 2009

(SPOILER) DVD Verdict reviews Season One of Castle. "How is he not a sexist jerk-wad? Because of Fillion's performance."

September 09 2009

EW Popwatch wants Nathan Fillion to stop by. And they want the fans to help convince him to do so.

August 24 2009

TWOP Fall Preview: Watch, DVR, or Skip. TWOP breaks down the Fall TV season. Whedonverse mentions.

August 14 2009

Nathan Fillion Talks to Watch With Kristin at E!. Dr. Horrible, Castle and Emmy stuff all get discussed.

July 31 2009

Ask Nathan Fillion and Morena Baccarin about their hot shows. Got any "burning questions"?

July 11 2009

Awesome TV Family Bracket - Seeding Poll. is conducting a seeding poll to determine the head-to-head matchups for their upcoming 'Most Awesome TV Family' contest. A whole host of Whedon/Whedon-related show families are potentially in the running.
Update: Sweet sixteen round now in progress. More...

June 18 2009

Angel, Booth and Castle named in "Top 50 TV Dads". Angel is at no.11, Seeley no. 13 and Castle no. 9. More...

June 10 2009

ABC announces fall premiere dates. "Castle" is set for Mon 9/21.

May 15 2009

ABC renews 'Castle'. Seems like there's another Whedonverse-related show looking at a second season. The network also picked up V (starring Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin) and Amy Acker's 'Happy Town'.

May 13 2009

ABC's 'Castle': Exemplary TV. "Like the best works of popular culture, the ABC mystery-crime series Castle is both entertaining and edifying. It exemplifies an increasingly strong trend in the American culture: the use of grim, sensual, bizarre, disturbed, or perverse imagery and subject matter in works of popular art that promulgate positive values and attitudes."

May 12 2009

Nathan Fillion answers your questions. Let's see "Five by Five" question, the answer is Yes.

May 11 2009

Nathan Fillion talks Castle, Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible. A brief interview with Nathan Fillion on the likelihood of Castle being renewed, what he knows about a possible sequel to Dr. Horrible (there's a title) and his thoughts on Dollhouse.

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