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November 08 2008

Marian Call's new CD features Firefly (& BSG) theme. Marian's new album "Got to Fly" is inspired by Firefly/Serenity and BSG. Only 1,000 CDs will be made and are sponsored by QMX. Will be available at Burbank Firefly Con 21-22 Nov.

September 08 2008

Buffy score CD hits stores. The album consists of music by Christophe Beck from seasons 2-5 and is also available at Amazon MP3 and the (U.S.) iTunes Store — the latter of which adds two bonus tracks to the album version. European release date is September 15.

August 10 2008

Eight years in the making: Buffy gets score soundtrack. According to Variety's "The Set List", Rounder Records will release a compilation of music from Christophe Beck's score for Buffy on September 9, 2008. More...

November 08 2005

Firefly soundtrack released on CD today in the States. Twenty five tracks of 'Verse goodness for your listening pleasure.

March 29 2005

Angel soundtrack CD gets official US release date. It will be released by Rounder Records on May 17th and will have all the tracks that were on the UK version. More...

March 15 2005

James Marsters 'Civilized Man' Available for Order. You can pre-order now. Album available April 15th. There will also be an exclusive European variant album cover available for his UK tour.

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