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"So tell me.. which stage of grieving is this?"
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March 04 2010

Amber Benson's "Chance" now on Amazon on Demand. Amber wrote, directed and starred in this 2002 independent movie that also features James Marsters and Andy Hallett. It can be rented for a week for $1.99 or bought for $9.99.

February 27 2006

Amber Benson and Christopher Golden February 24th chat transcript. They talk Ghosts of Albion, Chance, Buffy, and more.

July 08 2003

Amber Benson's 'Chance' Available On VHS & DVD. " may now buy a signed never before seen photo (color 8x10) taken on the set of 'Chance' or a signed second printing of the 'Chance' poster and receive a FREE DVD or VHS copy of the film 'Chance.'" More...

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